Keeping Your Vehicle Fleet in Tip-Top Shape

fleet vehicles in tip-top shape

Many companies use fleets of multiple cars, trucks, or vans to perform jobs. These kinds of businesses rely on their vehicles to make revenue, so you need quick, high-quality fleet service to keep everything running. The maintenance program you choose for your vehicles is one of the most important business decisions. Look for the following traits of a good fleet service program.

Fleet Maintenance

Inspect and Report Issues

When hiring fleet drivers, one of the most important training procedures should be educating them on how to inspect the vehicles. Before they leave the company lot, the driver should go over it and make a record of any problems or concerns, and do the same before they clock out. This will help prevent any serious issues from developing.

Regular Preventative Maintenance

A fleet service company should maintain a proper schedule of maintenance for every vehicle in your lot. Start with a complete professional inspection. Change oil and filters. Check other fluid levels such as brake and transmission fluids, air tire pressure and all belts and hoses. Make sure all lights, horn, windshield wipers and heating and cooling systems work well.

In-Depth Fleet Service Practices

At a regular intervals (but not as often as maintenance), schedule an inspection of all engine systems and the vehicles’ ability to perform correctly and safely. This includes towing capabilities, cherry picker operation or security of any roof racks for ladders or other equipment. This type of fleet service checkup usually requires actually driving each vehicle and running all of its other parts as they would during an average workday.

A good fleet service program must keep excellent records for your company and fit into your budget. When your business’s integrity and the safety of your employees are on the line, a fleet service maintenance program you can trust is essential.

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  1. I think it is great that the article reinforces the importance of regular preventative maintenance for your truck fleet. After all, regular maintenance does a lot to reduce the chances of a major breakdown happening. Those kinds of regular repairs might also help you catch a problem before it becomes a major issue.

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