How to Jump Start a Car in 7 Steps

image with text how to jump start a car in 7 steps

Whether you have the memory of a goldfish and leave your lights on all night occasionally or you just like to help those in a spot of trouble, knowing how to jump start a car is an important skill. Guess what? It’s a quick and easy process with a few simple steps.

Jump Starting 101

1. Parking

Both cars need to be parked about a foot and a half apart, nose to nose. Make sure your parking brake is on if you have a stick.

2. Check the Battery

Make sure the working car is turned off. Check that both cars’ batteries are not corroded or you suspect them to be faulty. If a battery is corroded, have your battery replaced by an expert.

3. Know Your Symbols

Each battery has a positive and a negative terminal; the positive terminals have plus signs and are colored red, and the negative terminals have minus signs and are colored black.

4. Identify & Connect the Correct Ends

After locating the terminals, find the proper ends of your jumper cables. The positive and negative ends correspond with the red and black battery terminals. Attach the one of the red/positive  jumper cables to the dead battery’s positive terminal and the other end to the working car. Attach one end of the black/negative end to the negative terminal in the dead car and the other end should clip to an unpainted metal piece away from the battery, like a metal strut that holds the hood open.

5. Start the Working Car

6. Start the Dead Car

If the engine turns over, let it run for a few minutes. If it doesn’t start the first time, let it sit for another minute or two with the live battery car running.

7. Disconnecting Cables

If the dead car runs, disconnect the cables in the reverse order of which you attached them. Always check your owner’s manual for manufacturer’s recommendations.

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  1. Your every steps are perfect for jumpstart a car easily. As a car driver, I know this is a tough situation. Thanks for your easy solution

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