Why is Tire Repair Important?

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In 2000, the Federal Highway Administration reported nearly 200 million licensed drivers. Most drivers in their thirties and forties clock around 15,000 miles every year. That’s a lot of driving! It also means that their tires see a lot of wear and tear. This means that they may need to be repaired sooner rather than later.

Depending on your location, tire damage factors can vary. Small punctures caused by nails or broken glass can be easily repaired. Even larger wounds, such as sidewall, shoulder, or crown damage, can be fixed depending on wound size and location. Leaving damaged tires unattended could result in a bigger headache down the road – literally. Driving bad tires can cause the wheels to warp and bend, which poses a safety problem to you and your family.

Tire Repair – How It’s Done

Tires should be removed from the wheel when their condition is being inspected. If any unsafe objects are found, they’ll be removed and the place of the injury will be drilled out to guarantee that no sign of the wound is left. Once complete, the injured area is filled with a vulcanized rubber stem and patched to the correct size to rebuild the inside lining of the tire.

For the larger issues, the car manufacturer’s publish repair policies are available for technicians to consult. These instructions should be strictly followed to ensure the tires specific to your vehicle are mended correctly.

Why Repair Tires?

For one, you will save a lot of money. It’s also better for the environment. Car emissions pollute the air plenty without adding an excess of scrap tires in junkyards and landfills. You, your family, and our community are much better off when you consider tire repair instead of throwing them away and starting over. It’s just one small step towards keeping everyone safe and happy!

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