What Hitting Potholes Can Do to Your Vehicle

What Are Potholes?Pothole avoidance concept

Crater-sized holes in the road, also known as potholes, damage vehicles to the point where repairs are necessary. The road hazard poses a threat to tires, wheels, and suspension. The extent of damage that occurs to your vehicle depends largely on how quickly you’re traveling when you hit potholes. Drive too fast and hit a spot in the road that hasn’t been filled in, and you may be left with an expensive auto repair shop bill.


Why Should I Avoid Potholes?

Wonder why your tires go flat traveling down certain roads? It’s due to potholes. Tires are no match for crater-sized holes. If that wasn’t expensive enough to repair. Wheels are prone to damage, too. Replacing a tire and a wheel costs a good amount of money. The suspension of your vehicle gets its fair share of damage which leads to bigger and more expensive visits to the repair shop.

Auto insurance companies cover some damage done by potholes but not every repair submitted as a claim.

Here’s how you travel down pothole-prone roads with ease:

• Report problems to the city right away. The sooner the authorities know there is an issue, the better. This gives them time to repair the potholes.• Slow down and notice the road conditions in front of you. If it’s a well-traveled road, keep a safe distance behind other drivers so you aren’t taken by surprised by damaged areas of the road.• Drive straight into potholes slowly to avoid sidewall damage. That’s where a majority of repair shop visits stem from.

• Keep tires inflated to the level recommended by the manufacturer. Refer to the owner’s manual and test each tire with a tire gauge before setting out on a questionable road.

If you do hit potholes, pull over to the side of the road and check your car for damage. Take it to a repair shop and address the problem right away. Ignoring it will cause damage to worsen. Repairing the vehicle keeps it in good working order for transporting you and your family to work, school, and appointments throughout the day.

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  1. Great blog post! We would like to share the coupons you listed on our website if you allow us to.



  2. Hello, and thank you very much for having shared this information on the danger of potholes in the streets. It’s true that potholes can do even unseen damage to a car, as well as the more obvious damage such as a flat tire. I think it’s important to know this information as driving is a big part of everyday life!

  3. Wow, I had no idea that potholes could damage your car so extensively! I recently ran over a pothole in my SUV, but I don’t think it did very much damage. However, I may not even know that my car’s suspension is off, especially if potholes can damage them. It sounds like I might need to take my car in to have it inspected.

  4. I have a pothole in my driveway that I haven’t gotten around to filling. I didn’t know that my hole could be hurting the suspension in my car. I am going to look for someone to fill it for me so I don’t have to worry about added car maintenance fees with leaving it for too long.

  5. I didn’t even know that potholes could give me a flat tire. I avoid driving over them just out of habit, but I didn’t know it could be so costly. I am definitely going to make sure that my tires are inflated to the proper amount, thanks for the information!

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