Hitting Potholes May be More Dangerous Than You Realize

Potholes are massive craters in the road that can damage cars and trucks so much that they need serious repairs. Potholes can wreck tires, bumpers, suspension, and more. The full extent of the damage to your vehicle depends on the size of the hole and how fast you’re going when you hit the hole. Drivers who go too fast and unsuspectingly hit a pothole may find themselves with an astronomical auto repair bill. 

Why Drivers Should Avoid Potholes

Potholes can be as small a slight divot in the road to a huge crater that can cause severe damage. They’re formed when the water in the ground after winter or heavy rain expands and contracts. When the water expands during freezing weather, it pushes against the road pavement and causes it to crack and bend. When the ice melts and water retreats, there will be gaps where the road is weak. Cars and trucks driving over these weak spots cause the potholes that we all fear.

Tires and wheels are prone to damage and can be expensive to replace. Your suspension can also get its fair share of damage which can cost even more to repair at the shop. Some insurance companies will help with damage caused by potholes but only to a certain extent.

Tackling Potholes with Ease

  • Let the city know as soon as possible. The sooner officials are aware, the better; that way, they’ll have more time to repair the potholes.
  • Keep your tires inflated as per manufacturer instructions. Check your owner’s manual and your tire pressure before setting out on a long journey so you’re ready for any unexpected holes.
  • Go slow enough to notice the road ahead. Don’t let sudden surprises or obstacles take you by surprise.
  • Don’t let your sidewalls get damaged by trying to avoid the hole; drive straight through to minimize the damage.

If you do hit a substantial pothole, do your car a favor and pull over to check the damage. Take it to a trustworthy mechanic and have them assess the problem right away. Ignoring the issue will only make it worse. The sooner you get your vehicle repaired, the sooner you can ensure your vehicle is in good working order and ready to transport you and your family where you need to go.

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