Keep Your Headlights Shiny With These Cleaning Tips

image with text Keep Your Headlights Shiny With These Cleaning Tips

Over time, you may notice that the headlights on your vehicle have become dull and yellowed. This effect is most often caused by age and the harsh result of being in the sun. Getting your headlights back to their cleanest and safest is a simple, DIY task you can complete at home; here’s how: 

Cleaning Your Headlights in Four Steps

1. Sand Down Your Headlight

You’ll want to get rid of all the oxidation that has built up on your headlights. To do this, make sure you protect your car by applying painter’s tape around the headlight. Then take sandpaper and slowly work away at the oxidation until there’s none left. Make sure your sandpaper stays wet to avoid scratching the lens.

2. Apply Polish and Wax

Enjoy the fruits of your labor by adding a little polish to your headlight. This will help you see any remaining blemishes that have stayed on the light. After you polish the lenses, you can add some wax. Waxing your headlights adds a little extra protection from the sealant in addition to fully cleaning the headlight.

3. Use a UV Sealant

When a headlight yellows and gets cloudy, it’s because of oxidation caused by the sun. You’ll want to create a new protective layer with UV sealant that will protect your headlight. After you apply the sealant in long strokes, park your car somewhere safe and dry where the sealant can cure without being disturbed. This step is crucial if you want to avoid having your headlights fog up again.

4. Test Them

Make sure you test your car to see that things are up to scratch. If your headlights still aren’t functioning properly, it may be time to take your vehicle to a professional to determine what can be done.

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