Hand-Me-Down or Upgrade For A Teen’s First Car

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Being a teen is tough. High school homework and college prep, plus any number of extracurricular activities put an immense amount of pressure on still-growing minds. Giving a teen the family car can be tempting when they just need to get from home to school and back again, but there are a few things that need to be considered before making that decision.

Ask About Cost

Talk to your mechanic and insurance agent before making a decision. Your mechanic will be able to tell you if your family car is up to the challenge of be a first car for a teenager and your insurance agent will tell you how much your premiums will increase with a young driver.

Handing down a vehicle usually means that mom or dad get a new(er) vehicle, which usually means car payments. Consider the probable cost of adding another vehicle to your insurance with a young driver and the possibility of needed repairs before you hand over the keys.

Age and Use

There is something quintessential and nostalgic about allowing a teen to use the family car for after school activities or their part-time job, but passing down a vehicle that is older than your teen may lead to serious car trouble if used as a  more serious mode of transport.

Purchasing a vehicle for your teen can be tempting as well, but giving them a high-end vehicle is not advised. A reliable vehicle is much more important at this stage in their life.

Fixing up the family car is probably more cost-effective for your family than purchasing a new(er) vehicle. If your mechanic thinks that the family car is in running shape or just needs a few minor repairs, it is probably safe to hand down to your teen.

Set Limits

Setting limits about when and how they are allowed to use the vehicle is a major step in the right direction. Late night ball games and early morning exams are part of the high school experience. Driving late at night or early in the morning can lower the reaction time of teenagers, meaning that most automobile accidents involving teenagers happen at night.

Consider how your teenager will be using a vehicle and whether they need a vehicle of their own.

Safety And Reliability

A reliable vehicle should be the goal for your teens first car. Whether you get them a new vehicle, pass down the family clunker or decide to purchase a new family vehicle they can ask to borrow, make sure they know how to handle road conditions and understand the times that they need to call to get a ride.

The expert mechanics at Performance Auto Repair can inspect and repair your vehicle, making it safe for the next generation of drivers in your family.

If you would like to know more about our car repair and inspection services, contact the experts at Performance Auto Repair at (334) 245-6600.

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