Gearing Up For Cold Weather

performance-trucksCold weather months take their toll on your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to place your focus on car preparation with regular auto maintenance. If you don’t winterize your automobile, chances are you’ll be stuck out in the cold without assistance or provisions.

Auto Maintenance and Car Preparation Tips

To best prepare for cold weather, you need to create a winter emergency kit for your vehicle. It should include key items for comfort and survival. For example, you have no idea how necessary a change of warm clothes are for a driver who has been down on the ground trying to fix a flat or standing in sleet making an emergency phone call to 9-1-1.

A Fully Charged Phone is a Must-Have During Cold Weather

A fully charged cell phone is vital because it allows you to call for help when your vehicle is inoperable. Blankets, gloves, a radio, bag of sand, ice scraper, and high-energy snacks help take the bite off of winter and calm you and your passengers’ nerves while waiting for assistance. This is auto maintenance and car preparation 101.

Check Your Fluids and Keep Your Vehicle Mobile

Cold weather auto maintenance and car preparation involves checking engine coolant and antifreeze levels. This will keep your vehicle in top working order during the harshest days of winter. You won’t have to worry about your engine freezing.

Make Sure That Your Tires Have Enough Grip on the Road

You’ll also want to check your tire pressure and tread depth before the cold weather sets in. This auto maintenance and car preparation tip requires a penny and let’s you know that if you see Lincoln’s head, your tire is balding and needs replaced. Keep a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle at all times.

Car preparation takes time and auto maintenance. Make winter less difficult for you and your vehicle by being prepared. Have your car truck or van serviced before the cold weather strikes this year.

Contact the auto repair experts at Performance Auto Repair today for more more help prepping your car for inclement weather.

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