Gas Station Mis-happenings and Fuel Safety

Fuel nozzle in car with text gas station mis-happenings and fuel safety

Refueling your vehicle is usually a simple task, but mishaps happen. From injuring your engine to starting a fire, the gas station can be a dangerous place without taking precautions.

Nozzle Safety

Rarely, but on occasion, someone will forget to take the nozzle out of the fuel tank and drives off. While these situations will damage the hose, it is not likely to cause damage to your vehicle. More modern gas stations have specially designed hoses that will detach during these kinds of accidents. Older hoses will end up with a broken hose or a bent nozzle. Depending on where this happens, the policy for who pays for the damage changes. Some companies will eat the price of replacing the hose, others will demand your insurance information.

Over Pumping

Pumping past the point where your tank is full is bad. It is bad for your car. It is bad for the environment. It is bad for your wallet. The reason is that your tank is designed to only hold so much fuel. When you overfill the tank, the vapor collection system, designed to reduce harmful emissions, is compromised. This also can cause the liquid fuel to leak into the carbon filter which is designed to only handle fuel as a gas, thus affecting the performance of you vehicle, lowering fuel efficiency.

Starting A Fire

Gas station fires happen. A common cause is due to static electricity, which is why you should never re-enter your vehicle while topping off your tank. The friction from sliding in and out of your vehicle can build up static electricity that can spark the fuel going into your gas tank. To prevent this, touch something metal, other than your vehicle, before you start pumping and remain outside the vehicle until the tank is full.

If a spark does ignite the fuel, you need to remain calm, stop the pumping as quickly as possible and leave the nozzle in the tank. Keeping the nozzle in prevents the gasoline from spreading, preventing the fire from spreading. Notify the station attendee immediately, get away from the vehicle and call the fire department from a safe distance.

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