Extending the Lifetime of Your Shocks and Struts

replacing tire with text extending the lifetime of your shocks and struts

Shocks and struts are essential to every vehicle. They impact your vehicle’s braking system as well as helping with your car’s suspension and handling. Don’t be fooled into thinking that old or damaged shocks and struts just make for a bumpy ride. Left uncared for, they can make your journey very dangerous. Performance Auto Repair cares about the safety of our customers, so we’ve brainstormed a few of the ways you can extend the lifetime of your car’s shocks and struts.

Check Your Seals

Your car’s shocks and struts are designed to handle all of the elements of the road. Depending on where you live, this kind of exposure can have various effects on your car’s hardware. Mud, gravel, and other gunk can damage your seals, so it’s essential to periodically give them a quick check.

Oil leaks, on the other hand, can also be troublesome. Sometimes oil seals that are older can prompt damage to your shocks and struts. Many struts also utilize replaceable dust boots that keep contaminants from damaging the oil seals. These components should be replaced if they are worn, cracked, damaged or missing in order to prolong the life of the replacement shocks or struts. If you ignore these issues, you run the risk of having to prematurely replace your car’s shocks and struts, and nobody wants that!

Shock and Strut-Friendly Driving Surfaces

Sometimes, you just have to drive down those curvy, country gravel roads. We understand that you can’t avoid these roads entirely, but when you can, take an alternate route. As your car goes over bumps, the shocks and struts get the brunt of the damage. Excessive driving on uneven surfaces can cause a piston leak, another factor that will prompt your car’s shocks and struts to fail. So, when you can, opt to drive on smoother, straighter roads. And if your vehicle does get a piston leak, get it fixed as soon as possible.

It’s standard practice to replace your car’s shocks and struts every 50,000 miles. However, if your car is driving poorly or you’re concerned about the safety of its shocks and struts, visit an automotive expert.

Contact Performance Auto today to speak with our honest and qualified team. Let us take care of your car repair today!


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