Easy Answers to 5 Transmission Repair Questions

Knowing when its time for a transmission repair for your vehicle can be tricky. However, by reading the five commonly asked questions listed below and their answers, you will learn what you need to know about transmission repair issues.

What You Need To Know About Transmission Repair


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How often should you check your transmission fluid?
Every time you check your oil, you should check your transmission fluid. The process is similar, and if you combine the two, remembering to check your transmission fluid will become easier. Furthermore, checking your fluid will allow you to learn early on if you have a leak, meaning the transmission repair will most likely be easier and less expensive.

Is a complete transmission flush necessary?
In many cases, a complete transmission flush is unnecessary. However, if your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends it, then it’s a good idea. Keep in mind, that sometimes a transmission flush can do more harm than good, so doing one unnecessarily is unwise.

Do you change transmission fluid?
Yes, it is wise to have your transmission fluid changed every 30,000 miles. Of course, checking out your manufacturer’s specific guidelines for your vehicle in regards to when the transmission fluid needs to be changed is smart.

Will I know if my transmission begins to slip?
You should be able to tell when your transmission begins to slip and needs a transmission repair. One of the first notable signs of transmission problems is when your car does not stay in proper gear or takes too long to shift.

How long is the process of a transmission repair?
Of course, the time it takes for a transmission repair will vary greatly depending on the severity of the problem you are having. Other factors of importance include the availability of any needed parts and the current schedule of the mechanic shop you are using.

The five questions listed above are some of most commonly asked questions regarding a transmission repair. Hopefully, the helpful answers will give you more confidence in yourself if you have to deal with transmission repair problems in the future.

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    I imagine that auto repair people are having to go through a serious learning curve in order to work on these vehicles. I suspect that the days of going to the local auto mechanic may be fading, as we will increasingly need to go back to the automaker’s own service centers for any repairs that can’t be executed over the air.

    It’s really flipping around everything we’ve come to know and accept about automobiles and how they work…

  2. A transmission service is part of your routine maintenance, just like replacing your engine oil. A complete transmission service should include removing and examining the sump or pan, replacing or cleaning the screen or filter , etc. Transmissions Hollywood FL can help you understand the cost of rebuilding your transmission. They will help help determine whether keeping your car and getting it fixed might be a better choice than replacing it with a new or used car.

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