Detailing Your Own Car

car being vacuum with text detailing your own car

You want to keep your vehicle looking new for as long as possible but you also don’t want to spend a lot of money to have it professionally detailed. The good news is that with some hard work and some fairly inexpensive products you can detail your own car.


Depending on just how nice you want your car to look, there are a few ways you can clean your car. Using compressed air to blow dirt from all the crevices in your car onto the middle of the carpet so you can vacuum it up. If you don’t have access to an air compressor, just use your vacuum’s extension to get as much as you can. Take note of any stains and use a general purpose carpet stain remover. A stiff brush may also help to loosen dirt that has gotten deep into the carpeting.

Dash and Ducts

Use a small air compressor, like what you would use on a computer, to blow out the air ducts. Your car will smell fresher and you’ll be eliminating a lot of dust. Next, clean your dashboard. If your dash is plastic, dust it and then clean it with a damp cloth. Small crevices collect tons of grime, so using a toothbrush or Q-tips will help clean those adequately. Apply a protectant using a clean, soft cloth.


Vacuum seats and treat stains with the appropriate stain remover for either leather or fabric. After the stains are removed and dried, apply a fabric protectant like Scotchguard.

Exterior of Vehicle

Hand wash your vehicle with a car wash formulated soap, regular dish soap will strip wax coatings. Dry your car with a good chamois so there are no water spots anywhere and then give your car a few good coats of wax.

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