Are You Damaging Your Car Without Realizing It?

Taking good care of your car doesn’t only mean taking it in for regular car repair, though car repair is important too. Taking good care of your car also means driving it in a way that will help your car to last for a long time.

Unfortunately, many people regularly practice bad driving habits that shorten their cars’ lifespans simply because they don’t know any better. Now you can. Here are five bad driving practices you want to avoid.

Delay Car Repair by Avoiding These Driving Habits

Young Woman Learning To Drive Car

1. Sudden Braking and Acceleration

Suddenly braking and accelerating puts extra pressure on your car’s parts, increasing the frequency with which you’ll need car repair. Avoid unnecessary car repair by braking and accelerating at an average speed.

2. Accelerating too Slowly

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum are those people who accelerate too slowly to try and save fuel. Unfortunately, cars don’t work this way. You want to hit your car’s ideal traveling speed for maximum fuel economy, and it isn’t five miles per hour.

3. Driving with Low Fuel

When you drive with a low fuel level, you force your car to draw gas from the bottom of the tank, where all the sediment is. This increases the chance you’ll pick up a chunk, clog your engine and need car repair. Drive safer by always keeping your tank half full.

4. Overloading the Car with Unnecessary Items

The more items you carry in your car, the heavier your car is and the more fuel you’ll use to keep everything in motion. Clean out your car regularly and stock it with only the essentials and you’re sure to save on future car repair.

5. Constantly Pushing the Brakes

Constantly pushing the brakes may seem like a safe and proactive way to drive, but the truth it that it could cause your brakes to wear out faster than they should. Don’t take chances with your brakes and risk major car repair. Keep your foot near–but not pushing–the brake for maximum safety.

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