Most Coveted Truck Accessories

Few drivers are as obsessed with improving their rides as those that own trucks. For them, truck accessories aren’t just functional, they are an expression of the driver’s personality. Adding the right truck accessories takes trucks to a whole new level of customization. For being both functional and attractive, these truck accessories are the most coveted.

The Most Popular Truck Accessories

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1. Bugshields.

The best truck accessories keep your truck clean and looking great. Add a bugshield to the hood to prevent bugs from squashing themselves all over your expensive paint job. Typically made from acrylic, bugshields are durable and can be smoked or chrome plated to match your ride. Some are even stamped with a favorite logo.

2. Bed Protection.

Most trucks are expected to put in a full day’s work, so truck accessories that protect the bed are always a welcome addition. Liners, rugs and rubber mats are all possibilities. Perhaps the most popular are spray-on or drop-in liners that protect every inch of the truck’s bed and are impervious to any number of spills. Plus, they keep items in the bed from rolling and sliding.

3. Bed Covers.

Lots of drivers use their truck bed to store a multitude of expensive items. Truck accessories like bed covers let you keep these items safely under lock and key. Because many of these covers roll up when not in use, it’s still easy to haul around larger items.

4. Grill Guards.

Not only do these truck accessories make your vehicle more durable, but also they make your truck look a whole lot tougher. A grill guard can transform the look of your truck while also increasing its value. Choose a guard with lights to up the ante.

5. Steps.

Drivers love their over-sized trucks, but they aren’t always easy to get into. This is especially true for drivers who are hauling around kids. The addition of steps can make any truck more user friendly while still enhancing its look.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of these truck accessories. I definitely agree that truck bed covers and protectors are really important for your truck. They help make sure that your truck retains its value when you use it. Plus, it’s not fun seeing scratches in your truck bed after using it.

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  4. It’s so true that over-sized trucks aren’t always the easiest to get into. I’m a bit short, so I’d appreciate investing in steps. That’s one truck accessory that would be quite beneficial in my case.

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