Five Common Reasons Your Check Engine Light is On

It’s hard to imagine how one little light can cause so much worry, but the fact is: when the check engine light comes on, many people immediately assume the worst. Thankfully, the majority of the time, the auto repair needed is minor. Here are five common causes.

If Your Check Engine Light Is On, This Might Be Why

What You Need to Know About Auto Repair

1. Gas Cap

When your gas cap is loose or cracked, your car’s fuel efficiency is reduced and more emissions are released. The solution is simple. Tighten the cap if it is loose or replace it if it is cracked. No auto repair is needed.

2. Oxygen Sensors

Your car has between two and four oxygen sensors to measure the amount of unburned oxygen in your exhaust. These sensors can become covered in oil, causing decreased gas mileage and increased emissions. Take your car to the mechanic for auto repair right away to prevent further damage.

3. Catalytic Convertor

If you fail to replace the oxygen sensor right away or if you neglect other importance maintenance, you may end up with a failing catalytic convertor. This will significantly reduce your gas mileage and eventually cause your car to die altogether. Keep up with all regular auto repair to avoid this costly problem, and see a mechanic right away if it begins to give out.

4. Spark Plugs

All spark plugs need to be changed eventually so they don’t misfire or give out. The time frame varies by car, but it is generally every 25,000 miles for older cars and up to 100,000 miles for newer cars. Thankfully, replacing the spark plugs is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive auto repair.

5. Mass Airflow Sensor

If your car is has a missing or improperly installed air filter, you might be setting your car up for mass airflow sensor failure. Have your air filter replaced every year, and take your car in for auto repair if you notice a decrease in gas mileage or if your car starts stalling a lot.

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