How Cold Temperatures Damage Your Car

Car repair is an important consideration regardless of the season, but the winter can be particularly tough on your car’s components. Fortunately, if you know what to be on the lookout for, you can minimize your car repair bills.

How Winter Threatens Your Car’s Components

Car Repair for Winter in Montgomery, AL

Cold temperatures can damage car batteries. The number one car repair project on your list should be testing your battery. This way, you’ll know when to replace it before it becomes a dire necessity. If you don’t have a reliable way to get your battery tested, consider how long it’s been since you bought a new battery. Average car batteries last about three years. It may be time to replace one that’s older than that.

Another important car repair consideration is fluids. Cold temperatures can cause them to thicken. Your transmission fluid, oil, brake fluid, antifreeze and power steering fluid can all be affected. When these fluids thicken, they can’t circulate as quickly as they normally do. Perhaps the most affected fluid is in the transmission. It has to move particularly fast to keep your car running. When it’s especially cold, your transmission’s performance is likely to suffer.

Preventative Car Maintenance for Winter

Winter car repair projects should also take tires into account. The colder temperatures get, the more air pressure the tires lose. When tires are under inflated, their performance goes downhill fast. Maneuverability becomes sluggish and unresponsive. The tires also become more susceptible to damage and may completely fail. Make certain that checking tire pressure is near the top of your car repair to do list.

When your windshield is covered with snow, ice and dirt, it’s difficult to see. Usually you rely on your wipers and washer solvent to keep your line of sight clear. However, cold weather can wreak havoc on your wipers and solvent. A smart car repair preventative step is to make sure to scrape off ice and snow before starting the wipers. This protects them and means you have to rely less on solvent.

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  1. During the winter, there are many more hazards to take note of. Like you said above, the battery and fluids can both be affected by the colder weather. One way to make sure you don’t damage your car is to let it warm up an extra few minutes before going on your way. This will make sure that the fluids are closer to their operating temperature and will decrease their chance of failing. It is also important to stay op top of your maintenance schedule during the winter. Take a trip to your local repair shop or ask them what should be done for you.

  2. I found this all out the hard way last winter. My battery was old and I had to jump start it almost every morning. My alternator actually went out having to charge it to full everyday.

  3. Thanks for sharing this advice on taking care of your car! I just got a new Mercedes last year, and I want to make sure it stays in perfect condition, no matter what. It sounds like I should take it to a place to check the tires and brakes. The last thing I want is an accident that I could’ve avoided with a little bit of maintenance!

  4. I never had any idea that the cold could be so harmful to cars! Since we just got finished with winter, I think it is definitely a good time to do some maintenance to be sure it is still in good condition. I would especially like to get all the fluids checked to be sure that it is all working properly. Thank you for sharing more about this topic!

  5. Thanks for sharing this! For me, winter is the best time to hire someone else to repair your car—that way you don’t have to go outside in the cold and fix things. Checking tires and fluids are easy enough, but it’s probably best to trust any bona fide repairs to your local repairman. I can’t wait for the winter season to be over. Thanks again for sharing!

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