Cold Air Intake Tips for Performance

As a car lover, there’s nothing better than driving around with a beast under your hood. However, when it comes to improving engine performance, many modifications can be rather time consuming. A great way to give your ride a little extra kick, without making major alterations, is by using a cold air intake.

Why do I want a Cold Air Intake?

Warm air doesn’t expand as much when in the pistons. However, cold air does. So, by cooling the air you are allowing for maximum combustion and you know what that means .. More Power.

A cold air intake is installed on the intake side of the engine and theoretically increases horsepower by pulling dense, cold air into the engine. This is not going to be a dramatic increase in horsepower, like you would see by installing a high end supercharger. However, it is a low cost and easy to install device that will give a slight boost in performance of anywhere from 3 to 15 horsepower.

Another great benefit is that a cold air intake increases the amount of oxygen in the engine. With an abundance of air your engine does not have to work as hard while driving. This will result in better fuel consumption and less engine damage.

Cold Air Intake Precautions

When the intake is located near the bottom of the vehicle, you are at risk of sucking up water from puddles when driving in wet conditions. This water can possibly go straight to the engine and destroy it.

You should also make sure that the cold air intake has sufficient filtration. Car manufactures go to great efforts to make sure that excess dirt is prevented from entering the engine. If the cold air intake is not properly sealed from dirt and debris, the engines life expectancy could be shortened.


  1. Thanks for sharing this car improvement. This is very inspiring to those looking to improve performance on their vehicle.

  2. If you have the power available, why not utilize it. I am not car person myself but I do see the benefits of having a cold air intake. Thank you for explaining it to me.

  3. Everyone would like more power in their car. This sounds like a great way to get it.

  4. Who knew how important cold are was in powering your vehicle! These tips are great, thanks.

  5. Very interesting. Thanks for the good read on something we were not aware of before.

  6. It would be great to have more power and get better gas mileage but it would be hard not to drive too fast with the change in power.

  7. I would hate for any of the things you warned about to happen, but it does sound beneficial if installed properly.

  8. There are many upgrades to attach to any engine. Make sure to do research on exactly what you’d like to do. In this case, thanks for pointing out the precautions. Those things are very necessary to look into, or else what can start as a good thing, can go horribly wrong.

  9. This is not only interesting, but it is enlightening as well. Congratulations on a job well done.

  10. I’m game for anything that helps my car run better but I think Ill leave the set up to a professional

  11. Didn’t know about this and i will for sure be looking into it. Thanks for the advice

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