Clean Those Cloudy Headlights Now

headlight being cleaned with title text clean those cloudy headlights now.

You may not have noticed that your car’s headlights are dim. If you don’t tend to go out much at night, then it can be easy to overlook the brightness of your headlights. As the days get shorter though, you’ve probably tried to figure out whether they were always this dim and you just noticed or were they always like this?

How Do Headlights Get Cloudy?

No, your vehicle does not have glaucoma. That hazy, clouded-looking covering on the polycarbonate surface of your vehicle’s headlight is the result of exposure to UV rays and chemicals that are encountered on the road.

Prepare the Headlamps

Thoroughly clean the polycarbonate surface with soap and water, then use blue painter’s tape to mask off the edges of the headlight so that your car’s paint won’t be damaged. If you prefer, you can remove the plastic so the rest of your vehicle isn’t exposed to the cleaning, though it’s an extra step more.

Dip It in Vinegar

Fill a large bucket full of vinegar, remove the plastic headlight cover from the car and dip it into the bucket. The headlight should be left in the vinegar for at least an hour.

Headlight Restoration Kit

This may be best suited for someone more experienced with tools and DIY projects but one of the most common ways to clean a headlight is to buy a headlight restoration kit. You have to be extremely careful not to damage the lens when sanding or buffing and the headlight will begin clouding up again in just a few months. Kits vary in quality and price; the cheapest ones are around $15 and the professional kinds can cost as much as $150.

Insect Repellant

Spray some insect repellant with DEET onto a cloth and carefully wipe it over the polycarbonate. Paint will bubble and peel if it gets on the paint so use extreme caution.

See a Professional

By far the best way to fix your headlight’s cloudy problem is to take it to your repair shop to have the worked done properly.

Contact the auto repair experts at Performance Auto for more information about keeping your headlights in top shape.


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