Choosing The Right Child Safety Seat

Child in booster seat with text choosing the right child safety seat

With so many options to choose from, new parents may find it daunting to find the right child safety seat. Reduce the risk of injury by making sure you check all the requirements and recommendations for the vehicle, the child safety seat and state law.

Read Your Owners Manual

Not all car seats are made the same because not all vehicles are built the same. The owners manual for your vehicle should have information about the what kind of car seat is best suited to your make and model.

It is also important to read the installation, safety and maintenance information for the seat, and make sure that it meets the age and weight requirements for your child. If you are unsure if the child safety seat is the right choice for your car, contact the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Age and Height

The requirements and laws for seat belts, car seats and booster seats vary in each state. In Alabama, anyone 15 years old and younger should be using a seat belt or the appropriate car seat. Children six years of age and younger are required to be in a booster seat or car seat.

The age, height and weight of your child are the primary indicators of when to update or replace a car seat. A rear-facing car seat should be used until a child is at least one year old or weighs 20 pounds. A forward facing or convertible child safety seat should be used until a child is five years old or weighs 40 pounds.

Belt Placement

The placement of the seat belt across the chest and lap can mean the difference in minor or major injury in the event of a crash. For car seats with a harness, make sure that you can easily access the release and the adjustments. The vehicle seat belt should not cut into the face or neck, and the lap belt should fit snugly across the upper thigh. Until a child can sit comfortably with only a seat belt, they should use a child safety seat.

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