If Your Check Engine Light Comes On, Don’t Freak Out!

image of check engine light with text if your check engine light comes on, don't freak out!

When your check engine light comes on, it can seem completely random and have no logical explanation. Figuring out what triggered the indicator can be frustrating. However, there is hope: automotive technicians can delve deep into your car’s memory to find out exactly what’s going wrong, saving you valuable time and money.

Your Engine: Figuring Out What Went Wrong

When the light comes on, your car computer stores a code within its memory that can be read with an Electronic Scanner or an Auto Diagnostic Computer. Doing this will help your technician figure out if the problem is something unusual or one of these common malfunctions.

Oxygen Sensor

These sensors monitor the ratio of air to fuel and adjust levels as necessary to ensure your car runs efficiently. If the sensor isn’t providing the right data to your vehicle’s computer, it can hurt your gas mileage and increase harmful emissions.

Mass Air Flow Sensor

Ever wondered how your vehicle keeps track of when your fuel is getting low? The mass air flow sensor talks to the computer to tell it how much fuel to add based on the amount of air coming from the engine after combustion. If this sensor goes bad, it could also negatively affect your gas mileage, emissions, and cause your car to stall.

Catalytic Converter

Your catalytic converter makes sure you’re not pumping toxins into the air by converting harmful gases into harmless compounds. Your car will not keep running if your catalytic converter fails and the environment won’t be too happy, either.

Gas Cap

If your gas cap is loose, fuel vapors will escape your tank and confuse the system. Check your gas cap for cracks, a poor fit, or to see if it’s simply loose.

Spark Plugs

As we mentioned last week, spark plugs initiate the combustion in your engine. A failing spark plug could result in your car getting less power and ultimately damaging your catalytic converter.

If your check engine light comes on, our team can help! Our team has years of professional experience and will quickly diagnose your vehicle’s problem so you can get back on the road.

Contact Performance Auto today to speak with our honest and qualified team. Let us take care of your car repair today!


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