Five Things You Need to Know Before You Change Your Spark Plugs Yourself

If your spark plugs are getting old or have gone out and need to be replaced, you’ll be happy to hear that changing your spark plugs is actually a fairly simple auto service task you can do yourself. There are a few things that you need to know before you attempt to replace your spark plugs, though. Here are five.

Spark Plug Maintenance Tips

Auto Service Tips in Montgomery, AL

1. Wait Until Your Car is Cool

Try to change your spark plugs before the engine is cool, and you’ll probably strip the threads. It’s best to wait until your engine has cooled down before you attempt this auto service task.

2. Clean the Area

Engines aren’t known for being particularly clean places. If you remove the spark plugs from a dirty engine as part of your routine auto service, dirt and debris can go straight inside your engine and cause damage. Use compressed air or a shop vac to clean the area first.

3. Check if the Plugs Need to Be Replaced

You don’t want to replace your spark plugs if they aren’t the problem. Signs that you need to replace the spark plugs include: your car uses an excessive amount of gas, you have difficulty starting your car, or your engine misfires, surges or has a rough idle. Save your auto service tasks for when they are necessary.

4. Only Change One at a Time

It is essential that you don’t mix the wires when performing this auto service task. Keep the wires straight by only replacing one spark plug at a time. This will actually save you time as you don’t have to spend time figuring out where each plug goes.

5. Screw Them in Straight

Lastly, be sure that your spark plugs are screwed in straight. Otherwise, they could get stuck, a significant problem requiring professional auto service repair. Make sure they are straight by wiggling them slightly as you put them in. If they get tight too quickly, loosen them immediately and try again.

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  1. Changing the spark plugs on most vehicles shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes. Newer cars don’t have messy spark plug wires to deal with, but it is important to match the right coil to the plug. I usually do all of my car repairs at home and spark plugs are something which I will do. For the larger things, I do take my car to the repair shop. When replacing spark plugs, would it be better to stick with the OEM spark plugs, or go with an aftermarket brand?

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