30, 60, 90: Our Recommended Milestones for Scheduling Service

Do you get your vehicle serviced often enough? If you’re like most drivers, you try to get your car in when you can but you’re not perfect. The 30/60/90 rule is recommended by manufacturers to help drivers remember when to make an appointment for service. We’ll explain why these intervals are important and what you can expect at each appointment. Continue reading “30, 60, 90: Our Recommended Milestones for Scheduling Service” »

Let Freedom Ring: A Guide to Buying American-Made Cars

Buying a new car is stressful enough without having to guess where the car was made. If you prefer to buy American, we’ve got you covered – our blog takes a look at all your options for buying American-made cars and how you can make the best decision for buying American in the future. Continue reading “Let Freedom Ring: A Guide to Buying American-Made Cars” »

Do These 8 Things Before You Decide on a Used Car

used car lot with text do these 8 things before you decide on a used car

Buying a used car can be a risky business if you aren’t properly prepared. You need to do research to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need but you also need to ensure that the vehicle is in good working condition It’s a common misconception that all used cars are junk; if you follow these 8 steps, you can trust that you’ll find a vehicle that will last.
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Hand-Me-Down or Upgrade For A Teen’s First Car

used car with text hand me down or upgrade for your Teen's first car.

Being a teen is tough. High school homework and college prep, plus any number of extracurricular activities put an immense amount of pressure on still-growing minds. Giving a teen the family car can be tempting when they just need to get from home to school and back again, but there are a few things that need to be considered before making that decision.

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You Don’t Want to Buy These 4 Used Trucks

truck in showroom with title text you don't want to buy these 4 used trucks.

Used vehicles are an awesome way to find a new truck that still has low mileage and in great working condition with a decent price tag. However, there are some older truck models that will never be a good choice due to their poor engineering and design. Continue reading “You Don’t Want to Buy These 4 Used Trucks” »

How to Evaluate a Used Car

person holding car key and toy car with title text How to evaluate a used car.

Some parts of buying a used car are simple no-brainers, like if it catches fire, rattles, thumps, or smells of heavy smoke. However, a car that test drove well for 10-15 minutes can still have a lot of hidden issues. Continue reading “How to Evaluate a Used Car” »

Remember These Four Tips Before Buying a Used Car

image with text remember these four tips before buying a used car

A majority of people in the United States cannot afford to buy a brand new car, making finding and buying a decent used car quite a challenge. If you don’t know what to look for then you could end up getting a lemon or paying way too much for your fifth choice of vehicle. Continue reading “Remember These Four Tips Before Buying a Used Car” »

Used Car Buying Guide

With a less than booming economy, used car sales have increased. A recent report on MSN reported nearly 40 million being purchased last year alone. There are plenty of options too, so how do you go about picking the right one?

Choosing a Car

Test drives and perusing lots at night to avoid over zealous salesmen is all fun and games. But when it comes to actually settling on a car…make sure you know what it is you need, not what you want. Sports cars are great if you’re single, but if you’re married that’s a different story. They aren’t going to get anyone to soccer practice or help you move into the new house. Keep your lifestyle–family, recreation, and driving habits–in mind for starters.


Once you’ve narrowed it down to a type of vehicle–SUV, truck, van, sedan, etc.–dig a little deeper than gas mileage and features. Check Kelley Blue Book for approximate values of the vehicle in question. This will help in determining which dealer/seller to go with and in negotiating a final price.

All used cars are required to have a Buyers Guide that will contain information in regards to warranty, inspection, and some well-known problems associated with each vehicle. If this isn’t explicitly offered, go ahead and ask your dealer or salesman for a copy.

Dealerships and sellers can easily tell you about all the perks that come with each vehicle, so turn to consumers for the hard truth. Consumer reviews will abound with common mechanical and performance issues. Knowing what’s in store could save you a ton of money in the future. Now that you know just what you’ve gotten yourself in to, don’t be a stick in the mud.

Be Flexible

Setting your hopes and sights on one car could be a huge mistake. While cars like the Ford Focus and Toyota Camry are still in high demand, new and used, they also carry a higher price tag. Don’t be quick to shun other cars within the same class. Less popular makes and models, such as the Chevy Malibu or Mazada 6, are equally reliable vehicles and aren’t likely to put as big a hole in your wallet.

Car shopping is portrayed as this exciting, fun event. In reality, it’s usually a lot more overwhelming and daunting than we want it to be. Knowing the facts before you dive into your latest investment will make it worth the ride.

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