Make Your Car or Truck Stand Out with Our Accessories

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Accessories are not only fun, but it can make your vehicle look a lot better. Performance Auto Repair has accessories from industry leaders designed to fit your vehicle like a glove and spice up your car or truck.

Since buying and maintaining a vehicle is a serious commitment, we know it needs all the attention it deserves. Accessories are a great purchase to add life, style, and elegance to your car or truck. Take your auto enjoyment up a notch with our selection of accessories. Continue reading “Make Your Car or Truck Stand Out with Our Accessories” »

Why Should You Always Have a Tire Inflator in Your Truck?

image with text why should you always have a tire inflator in your truck

There are some truck accessories that exist purely to make your vehicle look cool. However, there are others that are quite useful and essential, such as the tire inflator. Not many people use this handy little gadget, but it can make all the difference when you’re stranded on the side of the road.  Continue reading “Why Should You Always Have a Tire Inflator in Your Truck?” »

Truck Accessories to Suit Your Lifestyle & Personality

grille guard over headlight with title text truck accessories to suit your lifestyle and personality.

Accessories are a great way to find your red truck in a sea of the exact same truck, but they are much more than that. Whether you need some extras in your truck for practical, work reasons or need a few add-ons for those excellent weekend trips through the dusty roads to the lake, show off your style and functionality. Continue reading “Truck Accessories to Suit Your Lifestyle & Personality” »

Adding Fun and Function to Your Pickup

You depend on your truck for everything from home improvement projects to fishing trips. Your truck takes you to and from work every day — and some of you use your pickup for work. A dependable truck can be your lifeblood, and with the right accessories you can take your truck performance to a whole new level, whether it’s fun or functional.

Here’s a list of accessories you need to make your truck more versatile and to make the most of your pickup.Black Four Door Truck

Cover Your Path in Light

Whether you arrive at a campsite after dark or you’re working outside after sundown, rooftop fog lights will help you see what you’re doing, and you can finish what you need to do. Some rooftop fog lights can be controlled with remote control adding extra convenience.

Make Your Bed and Keep It Covered

A bed cover will protect all of your essential gear for your next home improvement job or a trip down to the Gulf. Bed covers are easily installed using a wrench and screwdriver, and also easy to go back to every day use.

Add an Extension

Long loads are no problem when you install a truck bed extender. This handy accessory increases your overall hauling capacity, making for more room when you need it. Many extenders can be stored in the cab when you’re not using them and some of them can adjust to accommodate rooftop hauling.

Help for the Long Haul

When you regularly haul big items like plywood or ladders, a rack is the perfect solution. And when the weekend arrives, you can remove your work gear and carry your play gear like a kayak or a paddle board.

Whatever the task at hand, the right accessories for the job will help you get the most out of your pickup truck. For more information, call the truck accessory experts at Performance Truck and Auto at  (334) 245-6600.


The Best Alabama Destinations for Off-Road Driving

Tearing Up the Trails With Thrills and Spills

We’ve covered how to prepare your vehicle for off road driving, and the potential risks of going mudding. With the knowledge to get your vehicle ready for off-road driving and  to be safe and legal while doing so, we wanted to list some of our favorite Alabama trails for an all-terrain adventure. Here are our favorites:Black Off Road Car

Boggs and Boulders Off-Road Adventure Park

Located in Andalusa, Boggs and Boulders, features 850 acres of fun for everyone. The trails are open to all types of trucks, and feature terrain from slick, red dirt hills, sand hills, rocky hills and even steep bluffs. The park is great for mudding enthusiasts with acres of black mud flats with deep and shallow parts alike. Great off-road driving is just one of the amenities at the park. It also features campgrounds with RV hookups, a spring-fed pool, three lakes, and the Mud Pie Cafe.

Choccolocco Mountain Off-Road Vehicle Park

This off-road park is in Jacksonville, and has 450 acres of rugged, mountainous terrain. The park features over 200 trails and obstacles for your to tear up at your heart’s content. There are trails are rated 1-5, and can easily accommodate full-sized vehicles. Trails with one and two ratings are accessible for ATVs, while trails rated three are reserved for vehicles with off-road modifications like lift kits and the right, large tires. Trails rated four and five should only be attempted by experienced off-road drivers and with rock-crawling vehicles only. The park also features a campground with a picnic area and handicap accessible restrooms and showers.

Off-Road driving is fun and exciting. With the right vehicle modifications, the right attitude and the right place to drive, and off-road adventure is well within reach, right here in Alabama.

Performance Truck and Auto is your Montgomery off-road specialist. If you’ve got questions about how to prepare your vehicle for off-road driving, and where to do it, call us at (334) 245-6600.


How to Prepare Your Truck for Off-Roading

Off-road courses offer fun and adventure. They also take a toll on your truck. If you haven’t looked into modifications before, now is the time to do so. It’ll keep your truck running smoothly while off-roading with family or friends.Close-Up On A Front End Of  All-Terrain Vehicle Participating In

Here are some ways to prepare your truck for off-roading:

• Adjust your suspension. Lifted suspension allows you to go where no one has gone before. It gives you clearance on uneven ground while off-roading. Without the lift, the undercarriage of your truck takes a beating. If lifted too high, your vehicle may turn over while off-roading. No one wants to deal with that!
• Upgrade your differentials. Send more power to the wheels with the most traction with brake lot differentials. They trigger the caliper of your spinning tires. They also send power to the wheel which helps you navigate steep slopes and challenging obstacles. This makes off-roading much easier to maneuver.
• Install a skid plate. Keep the front of your truck intact while off-roading. A skid plate improves safety and strength. It’s installed at the nose of the vehicle and keeps sharp objects away from rocker panels, the oil pan, and gas tank. You won’t
• Upgrade your tires. Larger tires make it easier to clear the ground while off-roading. They also make the ride smoother. You’ll have an easier time handling your truck with larger tires. The best options for off-roading are tires that are 20 inches to 35 inches. The PSI needs to be 5 to 15. Standard treading may not be sufficient enough to handle sharp rocks and uneven terrain. When in doubt, ask someone who knows the off-road course well what they recommend.

Before you go off-roading in your truck this year, prepare for tough terrain accordingly. Follow the aforementioned list of tips above and have fun enjoying your newest pastime. Off-roading is one exciting way to spend your weekends off from work.

Performance Trucks & Auto Repair in Montgomery, AL can help you prepare your vehicle for off road driving. We provide experienced and affordable automotive care, and can help with any repairs or accessories your truck may need.

Call us today at (334) 245-6600 for more information!

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Potential Risks of Going Mudding

Mudding Presents Risks not Only to Your Vehicle’s Body, but to Yours.Jeep In Mud

Mudding is becoming increasingly popular with young drivers in particular. Frequently, people decide to tackle dirt roads and fields with an ATV, but sometimes they’ll take out a four wheel drive vehicle that may also be their main source of transportation. Doing this can mean that a truck will soon need serious repair work.

What Is Mudding?

Mudding involves taking a vehicle out on dirt roads, usually after a heavy rain. Some drivers will also take their vehicles off road into meadows and fields. Mudding can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. People have been hurt and killed in pursuit of the activity, and the vehicles they use often need a repair or two even after a short drive.

Mudding Can Be Illegal

While some roads and off road areas are designated as appropriate for mudding, others are decidedly not. Usually mudding is illegal in an area where it would cause significant environmental damage or force a government entity to pay a hefty amount to repair the landscape.

Vehicle Repair After Mudding

Mudding can cause significant vehicle damage even to trucks that are essentially designed to be taken off road. Sometimes just a minor repair can fix the problem. On other occasions, the needed repair is much more extensive. It’s obvious that mudding can be really tough on the vehicle’s transmission and other mechanical parts and that these components will need regular repair and maintenance. However, what about a repair to the vehicle’s body?

If your vehicle’s body needs repair work, take it to an expert shop that routinely deals with off road vehicles. The technicians at these shops can fix any damage and may even be able to recommend an upgrade or two so your truck can better stand up to off road demands.

Performance Trucks & Auto Repair in Montgomery, AL can help you prepare your vehicle for off road driving. We provide experienced and affordable automotive care, and can help with any repairs or accessories your truck may need.

Call us today at (334) 245-6600 for more information!

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Refresh Your Truck for Spring With Truck Accessories

As winter ends and we get closer to spring, many truck owners are looking forward to the opportunity to update their vehicle with some of the latest, coolest and handiest truck accessories.

Tips for Selecting Truck Accessories for Spring

Truck Accessories

  • Consider your plans for spring activities. Planning on hunting? Fishing? Tackling handyman projects? Carefully consider the activities that you’d like to do this spring, and know that whatever you plan to do, there is probably a great truck accessory to enhance your activity.
  • Think about adding lighting. Many truck owners agree that one of the handiest truck accessories you can choose for your vehicle works to increase lighting. That way, you’ll be able to work and play well into the spring nights.
  • Get a new set of floor mats. One thing that is always true about spring? It rains. And rain means mud. Because spring can be so messy, one of the most useful truck accessories that you can add to your vehicle is a new set of floor mats. This truck accessory is also useful because it helps to protect the rest of your vehicle from dirt, road salt or other harmful materials.

Quality Truck Accessories in Montgomery

Whatever truck accessory you are looking for, our team can help you choose and install it. The right truck accessory can transform your spring — so let us help! Our team is passionate about matching drivers with just the right truck accessories to help them meet their needs. Along with truck accessories, we also provide our Montgomery neighbors with experienced and affordable auto repair services. Whatever your truck needs, we are your one-stop shop to make it happen.

Are you ready to learn about our wide variety of truck accessories? Call us today at (334) 245-6600 for more information! Or learn more about our money-saving specials here!

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Top Five Winter Truck Accessories You Need This Year

People don’t own trucks because they are pretty. They own them because they are ready to work and get the job done. This winter, don’t be caught in a snow storm with a basic truck that offers little more than looks. Here are five awesome winter truck accessories to help your truck work hard for you all winter long.

Cold Weather Truck Accessories

Snow Plow

1. Snow Plows

Is the forecast calling for snow? You need truck accessories that will get you out the door and to your destination. Snow plows are one obvious choice as they make you nearly unstoppable no matter how many inches you see.

2. Winches

Of course getting moving and staying moving are two completely different tasks. Winches are truck accessories that are perfect for helping you and others out of tricky situations. Keep these truck accessories on hand and you’ll have no problem pulling a neighbor out of a snow mound.

3. Portable Jump Starter

The snow won’t be your only obstacle this winter. Portable jump starters are truck accessories that will keep you going no matter how cold it gets. With a portable jump starter, you don’t have to rely on having another car with jumper cables around. Get your truck started no matter where you are.

4. Portable Car Heaters

While the chances of your truck getting stranded after you buy these awesome truck accessories is slim, there are a couple more accessories you’ll want just in case. Portable car heaters will keep you warm and toasty if you get stranded and have to wait for help.

5. Tow Straps

Lastly, tow straps are truck accessories that always come in handy. Whether you need to tow a load for work or rescue a small car, tow straps will help you get the job done. These accessories are a must have!

Don’t face the winter with a pretty truck that isn’t functional. Soup up your truck with these five awesome truck accessories and you’ll be ready for anything!

Are you ready to learn about how we can help you get the truck accessories you’re looking for? Call us today at (334) 245-6600 for more information!

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Why a Tire Inflator May Be Your Most Important Truck Accessory

Many truck accessories are manufactured to improve vehicle appearance. However, others are useful. Such is the case with the tire inflator.

As truck accessories go, the tire inflator is probably one of the least frequently used. It doesn’t add as much style as other truck accessories might. Nonetheless, a tire inflator makes all the difference when you’re stuck on the side of the road.

Benefits of a Tire Inflator

Quality Truck Accessories in Montgomery, AL

Changing a tire is one of the most basic car care projects. When most people learn to drive, they also learn to change a tire. However, the generally excellent quality of tires and wheels on today’s cars and trucks makes tire changing something of a lost art. Most people simply never run into a situation where they have to change a tire, so they forget how to do it.

Others simply find the task too challenging. The heavy tires and unwieldy jack are hard for some people to maneuver. Moreover, taking off a damaged tire and replacing it with a spare takes time. Whenever a driver is working on their car beside the road, they are at risk. The longer it takes to change a tire, the more exposed they are.

The Importance of a Tire Inflator for Auto Maintenance

That’s why a tire inflator may be among the most important of truck accessories. A tire inflator can get a car or truck back on the road with minimal time and effort. This allows the driver to get someplace safer than the side of the road where they can effect a more permanent fix or call for help.

Tire inflators are some of the easiest truck accessories to use. They have few components, and anyone can figure out how to use one within minutes. As truck accessories go, this is one of the few that might actually save a life.

Tire inflators are also useful truck accessories at home. With a tire inflator at hand, it’s always possible to keep tires at their optimum capacity for increased safety and performance.

Are you ready to learn about how we can help you get the truck accessories you’re looking for? Call us today at (334) 245-6600 for more information!

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