Protect Against Pricey Transmission Repairs

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When your transmission goes out, so do your savings. Repairing a transmission is one of the most expensive repair costs in a vehicle. Keep your transmission running smoothly by preventing any issues with the following tips. Continue reading “Protect Against Pricey Transmission Repairs” »

Signs That Your Transmission Is In Distress

woman diagnosing car repairWhen it comes to car performance, transmission repair is a must. Without regular tune-ups and maintenance, your vehicle won’t last long. If everyday wear and tear can’t be avoided, your transmission will likely suffer. The key to successful car performance is tackling small problems before they worsen and destroy your vehicle, and oftentimes small problems can be fixed with a simple transmission repair. Continue reading “Signs That Your Transmission Is In Distress” »

How to Know When Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

How to Know When Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

If you notice some problems when you need to shift gears, your car may be trying to tell you that it needs transmission repair. Whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission, there are warning signs that can alert you to take care of your vehicle’s transmission. Here are a few potential transmission issues where you may need to take your vehicle in for transmission repair.

1. Leaks – The transmission is a sealed system and should not have any leaks. If you do notice transmission fluid on your driveway, the transmission may have worn seals, gaskets or a loose pan.

2. Late Engagement or Slips – If your car has a long delay before engaging the next gear or slips into a different gear on its own, your transmission needs to get checked.

3. Strange Smells – The normal smell of transmission fluid is sweet or tart. If you begin to smell a burning odor, the transmission may be burning the fluid.

4. Odd Noises – Transmissions are designed to change gears smoothly. If you hear grinding, humming or whining noises while changing gears, take your car in for a transmission check.

How Much Will Transmission Repair Cost?

If you do notice any transmission warning signs, take your car to a reputable repair shop for transmission repair right away. Depending on what is wrong with your transmission, you may only need a small part like a transmission solenoid which can be quite inexpensive. On the other hand, your vehicle may need some major transmission repair or a complete replacement. In that case, you may end up paying a couple thousand dollars or more. Overall, be sure to get a detailed estimate on what is needed for your transmission repair and how much it will cost you to get it fixed up front.

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Do You Know Your Transmission Repair Options?

When there’s something wrong with your transmission, it is easy to panic. But the term “transmission repair” can mean many different things, some of them much less costly than others. That’s why Performance Auto is here to clear up any misconceptions you might have about transmission repair.

Types of Transmission Repair

Automotive Transmission

  • Rebuilt transmission: This means that the transmission has been taken apart and the damaged parts replaced. Then the transmission repair shop puts the transmission back together. The transmission rebuild is performed to factory specifications.
  • Remanufactured transmission: This is like a transmission rebuild, but it is done in a factory, not in a repair shop.
  • Used transmission: This means that only the faulty transmission component will be replaced with a new part. This is generally a more affordable transmission repair choice, but drivers can expect to enjoy lesser warranty coverage when they go with this option.

Get the Transmission Repair You Need Now

Whatever transmission repair you need, our customer-service driven team is on hand to help you identify your transmission problem and choose the repair option that best meets your needs. We never just recommend the most expensive option at Performance Auto. We always recommend the choice that will be best for our customers.

Transmission Service in Montgomery

Do you think that you’re in need of transmission service? We can help. Our team has years of experience with many different types of transmission issues, meaning we can provide the repair you need. The team at Performance Auto can provide the transmission repair you need to keep your vehicle running right for years to come.

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Don’t Believe These Transmission Repair Myths

When it comes to transmission repair, there are many myths and misconceptions floating around out there. Performance Auto Repair is here to bust these myths and set the record straight about transmission repair.

The Truth About Transmission Repair

Transmission Fluid

Myth: When your transmission is rebuilt, everything in your transmission will be new. Actually, when you have this type of transmission repair, you won’t have all new parts in your transmission. Some of the original parts will still be there.

Myth: If your transmission stops working well, the best solution is to replace it. The truth of the matter is that transmission repair is often a smarter choice for many drivers. A brand new transmission could cost you thousands of dollars. Transmission repair to rebuild your transmission is probably going to be a more cost-effective option.

Changing your transmission fluid can eliminate the need for question repair. The truth is that is you already have transmission problems and need transmission repair, it is unlikely that adding or changing your transmission fluid will make a difference. In some cases, changing your transmission fluid can actually amplify any transmission problems that you might be having. If what you really need is transmission repair, it is a waste of time and money to change the transmission fluid and hope that the unit starts working better.

Get the Transmission Repair You Need Now

If you notice transmission problems, it is important to have your vehicle inspected by a team of experts who are qualified to diagnose and repair transmission issues. The team at Performance Auto can provide the transmission repair you need to keep your car on the road.

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Signs You Need a Transmission Repair

transmission repair montgomery alCaring for your car is essential if you want to prevent a break down or other difficulty. If you think you are having problems with a part of your vehicle, then you will want to diagnose the exact difficulty and have this fixed before it becomes even more complex. An important diagnostic to consider is transmission repair. Without this working correctly, it can damage your vehicle and make it difficult to drive.

What sounds do you hear?

The main key to look into that states that you need transmission repair is with the distinct sounds that are made. You may hear something with the engine starting that is not normal, such as clunking or humming. There may also be other sounds while the car is running that are out of the ordinary such as the neutral becoming noisier than usual. You will also want to look at sensations that occur with the transmission that are not normal. The indicators of transmission repair rely specifically on knowing your car and understanding what doesn’t feel right.

What’s it like when you switch gears?

There are also distinguished signs that you need transmission repair. For instance, your vehicle may have difficulty going into gear or it may slip, grind or shake. The clutch may begin to drag, meaning that it spins instead of going directly into gear. It may also begin to smell like there is something burning in the car. There are also more direct signs that you need transmission repair. The engine light may go on or there might be leaking fluids in the car. The transmission may also be unresponsive with the clutch movement.

It may be time for a transmission repair.

If you are experiencing specific sounds, sensations or smells that are unusual, then your car may need transmission repair. Paying attention to signs that are out of the ordinary and responding in a way that stops any complexities that may lead to transmission repair can help you to maintain your car while keeping it healthy while on the road.

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Transmission Repair Simplified

Transmission Repair Simplified in Montgomery

transmission repair montgomery alAuto transmission repair can be costly and make it so that your vehicle is not usable for a couple days or weeks. With any vehicle, knowing about what transmission repair can mean, how the transmission works, and what all will be done, can make it easier to deal with. No one wants to have to have a transmission repair job done, but it does happen. The goal is to lessen the headaches of the transmission repair, by knowing a few things about the transmission.

Transmission Repair Basics

A vehicles automatic transmission has quite a few small moving parts on the inside. While this is nice to know, it really doesn’t help regarding what to need to know when it comes to getting a transmission repair. In reality, there are really only a few basic things to know.

Valuable Information Regarding Transmission Repair

  • Gears – In automatic transmissions, the gears automatically change without really any thought, but for a transmission repair to have to be necessary, they have to stop working properly. This means they are either damaged or worn to the point where the transmission won’t work right. This then means a transmission repair or complete replacement is required.
  • Fluid – The transmission fluid is most likely the most important part of any transmission. Without this, a transmission repair is definite. Check for leaks and also ensure that there is a proper amount of fluid in the transmission case. If not, top it off.
  • Bell Housing – This is a cone-shaped metal case underneath any vehicle. This isn’t really much to be concerned about, but if in an accident, this should be looked at. Generally speaking however, this wouldn’t be a major cause for a transmission repair job.
  • Filter – Yes, the transmission has a filter, and like with any other filter, needs to be clean to run properly. A dirty filter makes it hard for the transmission fluid to filter through it and that can cause bigger problems in the transmission. Thus leading to a transmission repair.

Those are the four basic things that anyone who drives should know about their transmission. It can help prevent headaches and bigger problems down the road. Making sure the transmission is in the best condition will make it easier to not have to worry about the future and that unenjoyable time spent in a repair shop.

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Your Car is Telling You That You Need Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair in Montgomery

transmission repair montgomery alDiagnosing car problems is something that might seem to be an impossible task, without taking it to a mechanic. In fact, it is something anyone can actually do with a bit of knowledge and practice. If there is doubt that a transmission repair just might be necessary, then it’s time to do some diagnostic work. The moment something seems out of ordinary, is the moment to try and figure out if it is the transmission or something else. If it is the transmission, then a transmission repair is necessary.

How to Tell

Mechanical problems is something that just doesn’t happen overnight. It can take a while to happen, and then the dreaded transmission repair job shows up. Here are a few tips that can be used to help determine if a transmission repair is necessary:

  • Gears – A big telling sign that a transmission repair is close is when the transmission won’t budge when the clutch is pressed down and the stick shifter is moved. This could be from any gear so be wary of that.
  • Burning Smell – The nose is a great tool to use and burning transmission fuel is what is being smelled, the transmission is overheating. This means a number of things, but a transmission repair is imminent.
  • Clutch – If the clutch is dragging, then that means it is failing to disengage from the flywheel. This also means a transmission repair just might be necessary. Thankfully this type of problem isn’t super costly to fix.
  • Fluid – The first thing anyone should check before going in for a transmission repair is the fluids. If they are leaking, then there is a problem with the transmission. Then, other things on this list can be looked at to try to diagnose the problem.
  • Engine Light – It lights up whenever a problem is found. This could me a number of things, but if it ends up being the transmission, prepare for the transmission repair, and a bill that will make any owner cringe.

These are five simple, yet very effective ways to determine if there is something wrong. If it’s transmission related, it will be easy to tell, and determine if a transmission repair is necessary. Hopefully it’s something minor that can be taken care of quickly. But for many, it’s not. That is why it’s important to know what to look for.

Easy Answers to 5 Transmission Repair Questions

Knowing when its time for a transmission repair for your vehicle can be tricky. However, by reading the five commonly asked questions listed below and their answers, you will learn what you need to know about transmission repair issues.

What You Need To Know About Transmission Repair


Friendly transmission repair experts

How often should you check your transmission fluid?
Every time you check your oil, you should check your transmission fluid. The process is similar, and if you combine the two, remembering to check your transmission fluid will become easier. Furthermore, checking your fluid will allow you to learn early on if you have a leak, meaning the transmission repair will most likely be easier and less expensive.

Is a complete transmission flush necessary?
In many cases, a complete transmission flush is unnecessary. However, if your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends it, then it’s a good idea. Keep in mind, that sometimes a transmission flush can do more harm than good, so doing one unnecessarily is unwise.

Do you change transmission fluid?
Yes, it is wise to have your transmission fluid changed every 30,000 miles. Of course, checking out your manufacturer’s specific guidelines for your vehicle in regards to when the transmission fluid needs to be changed is smart.

Will I know if my transmission begins to slip?
You should be able to tell when your transmission begins to slip and needs a transmission repair. One of the first notable signs of transmission problems is when your car does not stay in proper gear or takes too long to shift.

How long is the process of a transmission repair?
Of course, the time it takes for a transmission repair will vary greatly depending on the severity of the problem you are having. Other factors of importance include the availability of any needed parts and the current schedule of the mechanic shop you are using.

The five questions listed above are some of most commonly asked questions regarding a transmission repair. Hopefully, the helpful answers will give you more confidence in yourself if you have to deal with transmission repair problems in the future.

Quality Transmission Repair in Montgomery, AL

When you need transmission repair, you want it done right. That’s why it makes sense to choose an experienced team who can tackle any transmission issue quickly.

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