True or False: You Get Better Gas Mileage in the Summer

Believe it or not, it’s true! You might have noticed that you don’t fill up as much during the summer as you do in the winter. While this isn’t 100 percent true for all drivers, most get a little break from the fuel pumps during the warmer months for a variety of reasons. Take a look at the top reasons why your car is getting better gas mileage in the summer versus the winter.

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Are You Keeping Up With Your Oil Changes?

man completing an oil change

If you own a vehicle, I’m sure you’ve realized how essential maintenance is to the integrity of your car. Auto maintenance consists of many different services that are all aimed at keeping your car or truck in tip-top shape. The maintenance service most frequently required by your vehicle is an oil change. Oil changes are necessary for a healthy engine.

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Protect Your Car from Overheating with These Tricks

Summers coming and warmer weather is coming with it. The last thing you want on a summer day in Alabama is for your car to overheat. Forgetting to put coolant in your vehicle can not only put a damper on your day but also result in expensive repairs and maintenance costs. We have some simple tricks you can do at home to keep your car out of the shop and safe from overheating.  Continue reading “Protect Your Car from Overheating with These Tricks” »

Is It Time for an Oil Change? 5 Ways You Can Tell

We’ve all been there: you happen to glance up at the service sticker on your windshield and realize that’s you’re overdue for an oil change. If you notice that you’re past the recommended date for your next visit, or if your mileage has gone past the mark (and beyond), you should make an appointment to get your oil checked as soon as possible. Oil changes are an unavoidable part of vehicle maintenance because engine oil keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently. Be wary of these 5 signs to see if it’s time to bring your car to Performance Auto Repair for an oil change. Continue reading “Is It Time for an Oil Change? 5 Ways You Can Tell” »

Spring Is Right Around the Corner: Is Your Car Ready?

Happy New Year! Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to look to the future. Whether you have a busy summer planned or you’re looking forward to a stay-cation, you’ll still need your car to safely get you to your destination. Do you and your car a favor checking vital components before you start your travels.  Continue reading “Spring Is Right Around the Corner: Is Your Car Ready?” »

Understanding the Difference Between Gas and Diesel Engines

If you drive a vehicle with a gasoline engine, a diesel engine might seem like something from another universe. There are actually quite a few similarities between the two, with a few vital differences. The experts at Performance Auto Repair are available to help you learn the differences between the two engines so that you’re prepared for any future vehicle maintenance situation.  Continue reading “Understanding the Difference Between Gas and Diesel Engines” »

If Your Check Engine Light Comes On, Don’t Freak Out!

When your check engine light comes on, it can seem completely random and have no logical explanation. Figuring out what triggered the indicator can be frustrating. However, there is hope: automotive technicians can delve deep into your car’s memory to find out exactly what’s going wrong, saving you valuable time and money.
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What Should You Do if Your Engine Overheats?

Nothing puts a stop to summer fun like car troubles. The last thing you want is to be cruising down the highway only for your engine to overheat. Performance Auto is here to help you prevent your engine from overheating and to help you find the best course of action if it does. Discover what you should do about an overheated engine: Continue reading “What Should You Do if Your Engine Overheats?” »

Gas Station Mis-happenings and Fuel Safety

Fuel nozzle in car with text gas station mis-happenings and fuel safety

Refueling your vehicle is usually a simple task, but mishaps happen. From injuring your engine to starting a fire, the gas station can be a dangerous place without taking precautions.

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Top 4 Causes of Car Breakdowns

man in a business suit pushing a car with title text top four causes of car breakdowns.

If your worst nightmare is having your car break down suddenly in the middle of morning rush hour then keep reading for the top problems that will probably cause your car’s issues. Continue reading “Top 4 Causes of Car Breakdowns” »

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