Prevent Cold Weather Vehicle Damage

woman in winter coat looking under the hood of a mini van with title text Prevent Cold Weather Vehicle Damage.

When the temperature drops, so can the performance of your vehicle. To keep your car going during the rest of the winter, read the following tips. Continue reading “Prevent Cold Weather Vehicle Damage” »

5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready For Winter

man scraping ice with text 5 ways to get your car ready for winter

Five tips to help you prepare your car for winter. Continue reading “5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready For Winter” »

Top 4 Cold Weather Vehicle Problems

speedometer with text 4 cold weather vehicle problems

Low winter temperatures can put a lot of strain on your car. Learn about what the most common problems are and how you can combat them. Just a few facts will keep you and your family safe from point A to point B. Continue reading “Top 4 Cold Weather Vehicle Problems” »

Safety Tips For Icy Roads

icy intersection with text safety tips for icy roads

Even if you believe you can drive normally when roads are icy, you might not know that cars with AWD, 4WD and traction control are just as susceptible to losing control as any other car. It’s best to follow a few safety steps to make sure your trip is as safe as possible. Continue reading “Safety Tips For Icy Roads” »

Gearing Up For Cold Weather

performance-trucksCold weather months take their toll on your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to place your focus on car preparation with regular auto maintenance. If you don’t winterize your automobile, chances are you’ll be stuck out in the cold without assistance or provisions.

Continue reading “Gearing Up For Cold Weather” »

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