What Does a Mechanic Do?


It can be intimidating to take your car to the shop, especially if you’re unfamiliar with automotive terms. Understanding how a mechanic takes care of your vehicle will help you feel more at ease the next time you have to go to the shop for service or repair. Let’s explore the individual tasks that a mechanic does. Continue reading “What Does a Mechanic Do?” »

4 Car Repair Tips for Busy Parents

Today’s parents are busier than ever. Balancing work, shuffling kids to school and practice, and household errands mean that many parents find that scheduling car repair can be challenging. If you are a busy parent wondering how to make time for much-needed car repair in your busy schedule, don’t worry – we have the answer. Here are four ways you can make time for car or truck repair as a busy parent. Continue reading “4 Car Repair Tips for Busy Parents” »

5 Warning Signs Your Alternator is Failing

Your car’s alternator uses the electrical energy the engine provides to keep the battery fully charged. Without it, your car will not run for more than a few minutes. So, getting your car’s alternator repaired is essential for keeping your car running.  Continue reading “5 Warning Signs Your Alternator is Failing” »

3 Ways to Maintain Your Vehicle to Avoid Costly Repairs

car jack with wheel hub missing tire with title text three ways to maintain your vehicle to avoid costly repairs.

We’ve created a list of ways you can prevent a few of the most common auto repairs. Continue reading “3 Ways to Maintain Your Vehicle to Avoid Costly Repairs” »

3 Benefits of Using Computerized Diagnostic Service

If you’re a car owner, you’ve probably experienced the frustration when a service light appears on the dash and you don’t have a clue what it’s for. To make diagnosis and repair efficient, mechanics use computerized diagnosis. This is a method of electronic diagnostic testing used to help car owners identify a car problem using computerized equipment. This auto diagnostic procedure is non-invasive, much like an MRI. A computerized diagnostic take a minute or less usually, so why wouldn’t you opt for it? Continue reading “3 Benefits of Using Computerized Diagnostic Service” »

How to Evaluate a Used Car

person holding car key and toy car with title text How to evaluate a used car.

Some parts of buying a used car are simple no-brainers, like if it catches fire, rattles, thumps, or smells of heavy smoke. However, a car that test drove well for 10-15 minutes can still have a lot of hidden issues. Continue reading “How to Evaluate a Used Car” »

Three Ways to You Can Afford Unexpected Car Repair

woman holding open an empty wallet with title text Three ways to you can afford unexpected car repair.

Car repairs are almost always unexpected and they don’t always come at a time when you’re flush with cash. You could’ve spent just spent your five months savings on a new washing machine. So, what can you do if you haven’t budgeted for a car repair that needs immediate attention? Continue reading “Three Ways to You Can Afford Unexpected Car Repair” »

Replacing Your Vehicle’s Ignition Wires & Spark Plugs

an old and a new spark plug with title text Replacing your vehicle's ignition wires and spark plugs.

For those unfamiliar with what makes your car run, hearing that you have a spark plug issue like a cylinder misfire or a wiring problem is frustrating news. The parts aren’t expensive but, if you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can end up shelling out more than you want to have a professional fix the problem. Good news, changing spark plugs is something you can tackle yourself. Continue reading “Replacing Your Vehicle’s Ignition Wires & Spark Plugs” »

3 Manual Transmission Vehicle Myths

Back in the day, manual transmissions were a much more popular choice than automatic. In 1985, 35 percent of all vehicles in the US were stick shifts, today that number is under 10 percent. They were typically chosen for better handling and gas mileage. Today, automatic transmission has overtaken and many of the pros of a manual no longer apply. Continue reading “3 Manual Transmission Vehicle Myths” »

4 Ways You’re Destroying Your Vehicle



In general, we as drivers can be oblivious to what is happening to our cars. Below is an outline of some of the most common hidden car-tortures. Continue reading “4 Ways You’re Destroying Your Vehicle” »

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