Tips for Driving in the Fog

While we all know fog is simply an act of weather, it always seems to give us an uneasy feeling, especially when traveling. That may be because driving in hazy conditions can be extremely dangerous. Not only does fog obstruct the vision of drivers, but it can also create slippery roads as well. Here are some tips to stay safe while driving in foggy conditions.

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All Things Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are something drivers use all the time. They remove rain, snow, and dirt from the windshield and make it easier to see! You’re probably aware that your wipers need to be replaced now and then, but do you really understand windshield wipers? Here are some interesting facts and tips about windshield wipers all drivers should know.

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30k-60k-90k Mile Service

Regular maintenance on your vehicle is extremely important to increase its lifespan. Most people keep up with oil changes and tire rotations, many forget about a major milestone: 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000-mile service. It’s important to have your vehicle serviced at these milestones and here’s why:

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What to Do During a Tire Blowout

You’re driving down the road, minding your own business, when suddenly you hear a Bang and your car starts shaking… A tire blowout can happen any time, to anyone and it can be scary. But being prepared and knowing what to do in this situation can help ease the fear.

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Winterize Your Vehicle

Winter is coming… Before we know it, we’ll be bundled up and watching for any signs of snow and ice. Before Jack Frost comes to town, it’s best to get your car winter-ready. Here are some tips to winterize your vehicle now.

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The Evolution of the Windshield

Windshields are an essential part of every automobile. They protect us from the elements, while providing visibility of the road ahead. These windows are something we’ve learned to appreciate, but what do you really know about them? Here are some facts about windshields that may make you see them through a clearer lens.

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Tire Pressure and Cold Weather

As temperatures start to cool down, you may notice your TPMS light illuminating, meaning your tire pressure has lowered. This light doesn’t necessarily mean you have a leak, it’s actually very common to see changing tire pressure with weather changes, but why? Is low pressure a big deal? Let’s find out:

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How to Get a Higher Resale Value for Your Vehicle

We all know automobiles depreciate in value over time. In fact, your car will start losing value the moment it’s off the lot. Although your sales price may not be close to what you originally paid, there are things you can do to increase the value of your vehicle. Follow these tips throughout the life of your vehicle to maximize your resale value!

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Keep Your Old Car Running Forever

You may consider your older car your baby. After 100,000+ miles, you’ve clearly put a lot of tender love and care into keeping her on the road. Regular maintenance will not only help her run like a champ but can save you money by avoiding costly repairs. Keep your older car in tip-top shape with these tips.

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Which Motor Oil Is Right At An Oil Change?

It’s time for an oil change! But when you get to Performance Auto, you notice there are four motor oil types: Full synthetic, synthetic blend, conventional, and high mileage. Which does your car need? What’s the difference between them all? Here’s the skinny on each type and what they are best used for!

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