Car Cleaning Hacks to Get Your Vehicle Summer-Ready

Many of us have a spring cleaning checklist for our homes, but it’s equally as critical to not forget a place where many of us spend time throughout the day: our car. Giving the interior of your vehicle a thorough cleaning is a great way to reduce a winter’s worth of dirt and grime.

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Keep Your Headlights Shiny With These Cleaning Tips

image with text Keep Your Headlights Shiny With These Cleaning Tips

Over time, you may notice that the headlights on your vehicle have become dull and yellowed. This effect is most often caused by age and the harsh result of being in the sun. Getting your headlights back to their cleanest and safest is a simple, DIY task you can complete at home; here’s how:  Continue reading “Keep Your Headlights Shiny With These Cleaning Tips” »

7 Car Hacks For the Savvy Car Owner

image of car with bumper damage with text 7 car hacks for the savvy car owner

We’ve all had a moment where we see a cool hack and wonder why we didn’t think of it first. We have some handy car hacks that will not only help you take care of your car but will also make you the talk of the neighborhood!  Continue reading “7 Car Hacks For the Savvy Car Owner” »

Clean Those Cloudy Headlights Now

headlight being cleaned with title text clean those cloudy headlights now.

You may not have noticed that your car’s headlights are dim. If you don’t tend to go out much at night, then it can be easy to overlook the brightness of your headlights. As the days get shorter though, you’ve probably tried to figure out whether they were always this dim and you just noticed or were they always like this? Continue reading “Clean Those Cloudy Headlights Now” »

Detailing Your Own Car

car being vacuum with text detailing your own car

You want to keep your vehicle looking new for as long as possible but you also don’t want to spend a lot of money to have it professionally detailed. The good news is that with some hard work and some fairly inexpensive products you can detail your own car. Continue reading “Detailing Your Own Car” »

Restore Your Vehicle’s Headlights



If you’ve had your car for a few years, then you may have noticed that your headlights don’t shine the way they used to. This isn’t necessarily a problem with the bulbs, but may be related to a relatively more involved repair. Read on to discover how to repair your headlights so they look like new.   Continue reading “Restore Your Vehicle’s Headlights” »

Tips For Cleaning Car Interiors


You know how to clean your car’s exterior but have you thought about how to clean car interior? If you haven’t, you’ll want to learn how to do this so you can maintain your vehicle and keep it looking new for longer. Cleaning your car should be part of your weekly routine like cleaning your house is. Continue reading “Tips For Cleaning Car Interiors” »

Car Cleaning: Reaching the Hard to Reach Spots

car cleaning montgomery alCar cleaning is important for the perfect shine, your health and the maintenance of your car. Making sure that you get the dust and debris out of the hard to reach spots can help you to keep the perfect look and feel in every corner of your car. Car cleaning all the in between and hard to reach spots are just as important to keep a glow while you are on the move.


Most that think of car cleaning are thinking about a wash and wax on the outside of the car. You may also think of cleaning the upholstery with a vacuum. While this car cleaning is essential to removing dirt and debris, they are not the only spots that need cared for. The most dirt that gets away and creates problems with the car is in the smaller areas and the nooks and crannies that most overlook with car cleaning.

Dashboard, Vents and Pockets

The dashboard, vents and the pockets in different areas of your cars should be cleaned on a continuous basis. You can use basic glass cleaner for the dashboard and steering wheel area. Special buff products are available for you to use for an added shine. You can get a toothbrush or q-tip for the vents in the car. This removes the dirt that gets inside your car and that can begin to affect the mechanical parts of your vehicle if you don’t use car cleaning.

If you are looking at different options to keep your car like new, then you don’t want to overlook car cleaning. Getting the spots in between with your vehicle and making sure you polish your vehicle to the perfect shine can help you to keep your car shining and like new. More important, the car cleaning will help you to maintain your health while driving and assists with the health of your vehicle.

Along with cleaning, get a car tune up.

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Car Organization: DIY Tips

car organization montgomery alDriving to work or with a family creates the same result: clutter and scattered things that are in the interior of your car. If you want to change the style of your car while stopping deterioration from your vehicle, then you can consider a car organization tip. The car organization tip allows you to continue living while on the road without the mess following you.

Take a look at what you have.

The first car organization tip to consider is by looking in between the lines. You will want to take cup holders, remote storage bags and other spaces that are in the car for specific types of items. If you have children this is a great way to keep certain items within a space while maintaining your car. If you have a lot of things, then using beauty bags or even shower caddys can work as a car organization tip that changes every road trip.

Add bags in extra space.

Another car organization tip is to add in extra bags to the extra space. If you have children then setting backpacks or other bags over the car seat can help with easy access. You can also use a car organization tip by adding in spaces and bags for snacks, plastic bags and other necessities. The main approach is to have a different space for everything you need in the car. When you add in extra space with storage, it becomes easier to stay with the car organization tip you need.

If you are looking at clutter in your car, then you can easily change the look with a small car organization tip. Using the space in a different way is the beginning to tapping into your vehicle as a space that is effective to use while on the road. Whether you are continuously driving around town or planning a longer trip, the right fit with a car organization trip can make every road easier to travel on.

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