The Most Ridiculous Traffic Laws From Around the US

There are crazy laws in every city of every country, but what are some of the most bizarre in the United States? Continue reading “The Most Ridiculous Traffic Laws From Around the US” »

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Brake Pads

Maintaining the brake system in your vehicle is obviously of critical importance. To guarantee better safety for you and others on the road, it is helpful to know the different parts that create your vehicle’s brake system, and how to tell when certain parts need to be replaced.

How Do Brake Pads Work?Front Brake Parts Disks and Pads

One component of a vehicle’s brake system are the brake pads. Any time you push in the brake pedal, a set of heat resistant brake pads firmly grip the spinning brake rotors. The brake pads provide friction, which slows the wheels down so the car can come to a complete stop.

Why It’s Important to Replace Worn Brake Pads

Even though brake pads are heat resistant – which is essential since they use friction to stop the vehicle – they still wear down over a period of time. Worn brake pads will begin to lose the ability to slow down your vehicle.
It’s important to replace worn brake pads as soon as possible in order to avoid damaging the brake rotors. Failure to replace brake pads can warp your brake rotors, which makes your vehicle’s brake system extremely unsafe. Here are some signs to remember so you can recognize when you may need to replace your brake pads.

Signs You Need New Brake Pads

An easy indicator of worn brake pads is a loud, usually high-pitched screeching sound that occurs when you press the brakes. Some brake pad manufacturers design them to include a small piece of metal that makes a screeching sound when the brake pad material has worn down so a driver realizes they need to be replaced.

If you have to push your brake pedal in further than in the past, this is another sign that your brake pads need attention. If you press the brakes and your vehicle takes longer to stop than you’re used to, this is another indication.
If you are fixing your brakes by yourself, look for deep, circular marks and grooves in your brake rotors. Severely worn brake pads can leave these grooves in your rotors, which is an obvious sign that they need replacement.

Performance Trucks & Auto Repair Can Help!

If your vehicle needs new brake pads, Performance Trucks & Auto Repair in Montgomery, AL, is here to help. Our knowledgeable team can help you select which brake pads are right for your vehicle, and can replace your brake pads for you. Our team can also inspect the rest of your brake system to make sure it is functioning properly, and to make sure that your vehicle stays safe.

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Diesel vs. Gasoline Engines 101

When should you have a truck with a diesel engine, and when is a gasoline engine a better idea? What are the biggest differences between the two options, and are the differences really that big of a deal?

Yes! Diesel engines – you guessed it – burn diesel fuel, whereas gasoline engines burn gasoline. Diesel fuel and gasoline burn differently.

Vintage TruckGasoline Engine Basics

Gasoline engines, in comparison to diesel engines, tend to have more horsepower, which means trucks with gasoline engines are usually able to accelerate more quickly as a result. Since gasoline engines can reach higher speeds more quickly, trucks with these engines tend to have lower towing capacity. But since they accelerate and reach higher speeds more quickly than diesel engines, a truck with a gasoline engine may be more ideal if you do a lot of city or highway driving.

Trucks with gasoline engines don’t generate as much force to pull and haul heavy loads – like an RV, for example – because gasoline has a lower energy density than diesel fuel. When gasoline burns, it does not generate as much energy compared to diesel fuel, which means diesel engines tend to have a better fuel economy since they burn less fuel.

The Low-Down on Diesel Engines

Diesel BackgroundDiesel engines, on the other hand, have more towing capacity and generate the torque necessary to pull heavy loads up steep inclines. Trucks with gasoline engines are at a disadvantage here. Diesel engines are also designed to be more efficient than gasoline engines, because they inject fuel directly into the cylinder. This means diesel engines waste less fuel, because they burn more fuel. However, the fuel injection system requires special maintenance, and is costly to fix if this system breaks down.

Trucks with diesel engines are a better bet if you want a truck with better towing capacity. If you frequently do a lot of hauling, diesel engine trucks are built to stand up to any task.

Trucks with gasoline engines may be right for you if you don’t require a vehicle with optimal towing capacity.

Performance Trucks & Auto Repair in Montgomery, AL can help you with all of your automotive needs. We provide experienced and affordable automotive care, and can help with any repairs or tune-ups your truck may need.

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Importance of Computerized Diagnostic Service

Computerized diagnostic service is a method of electronic diagnostic testing used to help car owners identify a car problem using computerized equipment. This auto diagnostic procedure is non-invasive, much like a MRI scan or X-ray. If you’re a car owner, you know how frustrating it can be when a service light appears on the dash screen of your car. The “Check Engine” light is perhaps the most frequent service light that drivers encounter.  This light can indicate a number of issues — some serious, some minor. The fact is that you simply can’t know without computerized diagnostic service. So, rather than risk your car’s safety, consider computerized diagnostic service. At Performance Truck & Automotive Repair, we’re experts in computer diagnostics, and we are here to inform car owners about their importance and value.

Benefits of Computerized Diagnostic Service

Identifying Problem Lights

There are several benefits that can be achieved when you give your vehicle computerized diagnostic service. The first and most important reason to run this test is, because it is the best way to identify the exact problem that prompted the service light to appear. After all, you can’t fix a problem if you don’t know what the issue is. After your car receives computerized diagnostic service, an auto shop can recommend the best method for repairing any existing car problems.

Discovering Unknown Issues

Computerized diagnostic service can also be used to diagnose auto issues that you may not have otherwise noticed. Although the issue discovered might not be too serious yet, computerized diagnostic service can help give you time to prepare for any upcoming auto issues identified throughout testing.

Computer diagnostics testing is easy. When it comes to the safe operation of your vehicle, there is no reason to take chances. So, next time that service light appears on your car’s dash, do not ignore it. Having computerized diagnostic service performed can help you learn what action, if any, needs to be taken. It may even identify issues you didn’t know existed. Does your vehicle need computerized diagnostic service? Give Performance Truck & Automotive Repair a call at (334) 245-6600 today.

Importance of Maintaining your Vehicle’s Headlights

Maintaining your vehicle’s headlights is crucial to your safety on the road. Unfortunately, these important components of your car are often neglected. When it comes to safety on the road, maintaining your car’s headlights is one of the best ways you can protect yourself. So, just how important are they? Performance Truck & Automotive Repair has the details about headlights.

Why Maintaining Headlights is Important


It is essential that both of your car’s headlights are fully functioning. One working headlight will simply not due. For example, if you are driving your car at night with only one headlight, other motorists could mistake your car for a motorcycle. A driver’s inability to accurately make out the actual size of your vehicle could create serious confusion on the road. When driving, it is important that drivers are given the space their vehicle needs. To avoid creating dangerous driving situations, make sure you maintain your headlights at all times.

In addition to making it hard for other drivers to see you on the road, poor headlights can also make it difficult for you to see other drivers and objects on the road when it is dark. Even foggy or cloudy headlights can compromise your vision, delaying your reaction time and making it more difficult for you to avoid obstacles in the roadway. So, for the safety of everyone on or around the road, it is critical that you maintain this component of your car.

Rain, Snow, & Sleet

During any kind of wet weather conditions, you will want to have fully functioning headlights. When things are working properly, headlights can help you see the roadway more clearly. And as always, headlights will help you be more visible to other motorists who are driving through the same weather conditions.

Car Value: Why Headlights Matter

In the event that you decide to sell your vehicle, you will want to make sure your headlights have been well-cared for, as they act as one of the telltale signs of the kind of maintenance you have given your vehicle. During the car-selling process, you may discover that what is an otherwise minuscule flaw to you is major issue for a potential buyer.  When selling your car, headlight maintenance is an absolute must. After all, they are considered the eyes of your vehicle, making them very important to buyers who are keen on looks.

Maintaining your headlights is relatively simple in the scheme of car care. Since there is not much of an effort involved, there is no reason that headlight maintenance should be neglected. Taking care of this crucial car component will enhance the appearance of your vehicle and — more importantly — make it safe for driving. With this aspect of car maintenance taken care of, you will be able to enjoy the ride and focus on other safe-driving practices.

Need a professional to help with the maintenance of your headlights? Contact Performance Truck & Automotive Repair  at (334) 245-6600  today — we are experts in all things related to headlights.


Car Cleaning: 4 Surprising Remedies

Between all of the time you spend driving your vehicle and the money you spend on car maintenance,  car cleaning is sometimes the last thing on your agenda. Car cleaning does not have to be difficult or expensive, though, which gives you all the more reason to move it to the top of your to-do list. To your surprise, you may already own some of the best car cleaning products. Pretty awesome, right? After you discover these car cleaning remedies, it’s time to get cleaning!

Car Cleaning Products: Quick & Effective Solutions

Hair Conditioner

Want to give your car that freshly waxed shine? Well, hair conditioner has the same effects on your car’s body as it does on your hair. Applying hair conditioner that has lanolin in it is an easy and affordable way to give your car that freshly washed look and protect it from rain. That’s right, in addition to working as a wax, lanolin also acts as a repellant to rain, helping maintain a long-lasting shine.

Baby Wipes

If your windows are prone to unsightly dog slobber streaks or fingerprints, you will want to keep baby wipes on deck. Baby wipes’ gentle formula is ideal for safely removing dirt and grime from your car’s windows and windshield. It gets better, though. If you make a sticky spill inside of your car, grab a baby wipe and remove the sticky remnants. When it comes to car cleaning, baby wipes are an absolute must.

car cleaningPanty Hose & Windex

What do panty hose and windex have in common? Together, they make for an excellent headlight car cleaning solution. Simply apply windex to the exterior of the headlight and rub in the solution with a pair of panty hose. Frequently doing this will keep your headlights nice and shiny.


Dirty windshields can become even dirtier after a big rain. The easiest way to fix this? Grab a can of cola and carefully disperse it across the surface of your windshield. The bubbles in the soda will break down any built up windshield muck, leaving behind a nice, clean surface. Be warned, though. Left unwashed with water, your windshield can become extremely sticky, ultimately attracting more soot and dust. You should also place a towel or cloth beneath the windshield, so the soda doesn’t damage your hood paint.

Begin Car Cleaning Now!

With these simple household car cleaning remedies, you’ll never have an excuse for a dirty car. In just four steps, your car’s exterior can look like new.

For more information about car cleaning solutions or our car care services, contact Performance Truck & Automotive Repair at (334) 245-6600 today.


Car Tires: How to Make them Last Longer

You have heard it before, but we will say it again: car tires are an important component of your car. Because of this, it is very important to ensure that they are well-maintained. Regular maintenance will significantly help enhance the performance of your vehicle and minimize the risks of an accident or expensive repair costs. So, how can you make your car tires last longer? Performance Truck & Auto Repair is here with some tips to help you maintain long-lasting car tires.

Car Tires: Care Tips

Practice Safe Driving

Excessively speeding and turning sharply can wear down your car tires much faster than they otherwise would be. To avoid this, you should employ some basic safe-driving practices. Not sure what this entails? Do not make fast turns or stops and be sure you don’t drive over potholes and curbs, because this will end up damaging your wheels.

Proper Inflation of Car Tires

Check your car tires for uneven tire wear. Tire wear is caused by several factors including uneven wheels and under/over inflation. You can avoid this by making sure that your car tires are properly inflated at all times. To do this, follow the car maker’s suggested tire pressure that is listed in your owner’s manual.

Frequently assessing your car tires’ pressure will ensure that they are well-inflated, helping you recognize any strange bugles. In addition to regularly surveying your tires for strange bulges, be certain that your wheels are well-aligned. If your wheels are not, your tires are likely to wear away from one side faster than expected.

Monitor Car Tires’ Tread

Recognize handling issues? Consult experts so you can have your car tires’ tread checked. New tires often come equipped with a tread depth indicator.  If this is the case, you should use these indicators to determine when you need to replace your car tires. As a rule of thumb, the tire depth should be at least 1.6 mm. Also, if your tires are losing tread quicker than they should be, you may want to consult a professional, as some preventative care may help your car tires last longer.

Keep the Same Car Tires on your Vehicle

Avoid combining tire types, because the use of different tires on one car can leave the handling features of your vehicle at risk. Also be sure to replace all of your tires at once if at all possible. When it comes time to replace car tires, shop around and be sure to buy ones that will improve emergency handling, ensure smooth traction, and enhance the overall performance of your car.

Long-Lasting Car Tires Enhance Overall Vehicle Performance

Enhancing the performance of your vehicle requires you to find the best car tires. However, extending the life of your tires will depend on a number of factors ranging from your driving habits to your ability to check them regularly. Simple techniques like controlling your driving speed and refraining from fast turns will help keep your car in great condition, protecting your tires for longer periods of time. Servicing this crucial component of your car regularly will not only save you cash, it will make your tires last longer, too.

To learn how Performance Truck & Auto Repair can help extend the life of your car tires, contact us at (334) 245-6600.

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Tips for Improved Fuel Economy

With the constant rise in the fuel prices witnessed almost every year, fuel economy is quickly being adopted by most car owners. Car makers all over the world are also putting in every effort to ensure they produce sleek but efficient engines which can go even further. Despite all the improvements being made, attaining fuel efficiency is not only influenced by the engine. The driver or the owner of a vehicle equally has to drive in a responsible manner. If you are seeking out ways to promote fuel economy, you will find the tips below quite helpful.


Improved Fuel Economy Tips

Majority of drivers make the mistake of accelerating and braking hard. This happens mostly because drivers tend to be in a hurry to arrive their destinations. Heavy braking and acceleration increases fuel consumption massively. Slow acceleration plus moderate braking are the most effective ways of combating fuel wastage.

Make use of cruise control functionality as this is a helpful way of avoiding speeding. It additionally aids in maintaining a consistent pace particularly during long drives. On long trips, it can be rather difficult to maintain certain speeds. As a result, you may be forced in the process to make adjustments either by slowing down or speeding up thereby adding stress to the engine. By locking the speed of your car using cruise control, your engine will find it easier to maintain a constant pace.

Unnecessary idling must be avoided at all costs. Should you find yourself in a situation where you are forced to stop your journey for some time, it is advisable for you to turn off your engine instead of letting it run as this consumes fuel. Some cars consume fuel of as much as half a gallon every hour when the air conditioner is on and also when the engine is idling. To attain fuel economy, switch off your engine and restart it whenever you are ready to take off.

Aggressive driving is another unnecessary driving habit that certain drivers have. This sort of driving puts stresses on the engine and forces it to work extra harder. As a result, more fuel will be used. When you drive aggressively, you can reduce fuel economy of your car by almost 33%. Therefore you need to learn to accelerate and brake gradually since this will enable your automobile to either decrease or increase its pace in a smooth manner thereby limiting the amount of work it will be required to perform.

Make it a point of driving in the right gear whenever possible. When you drive in the 3rd gear for instance when you can actually engage 4th makes your car burn more fuel. Engaging the highest gear is a brilliant idea at about 2000-2500rpm. However, when going up a hill for instance, fuel economy can be achieved by shifting down to lower gears since high gears will not be appropriate for such conditions.

Maximizing fuel economy in your vehicle largely depends on the ability of a driver to drive a car efficiently while avoiding unnecessary and aggressive maneuvers. Apart from saving a substantial amount of money each year, you will also stay safer on the roads. All the advancements made in the technologies applied in engines will not help much if vehicles aggressively and dangerously.

For more information about tips for improved fuel economy and getting the most out of your vehicle, contact Performance Trucks today at (334) 245-6600.

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