4 Issues that Require a Visit to an Auto Repair Shop

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Sometimes the need for auto repair can be obvious – the check engine light comes on, or your car suddenly breaks down on the side of the road. However, some car problems may not be so direct, and it’s up to you to recognize potential trouble. Should you ever experience the following issues with your vehicle, don’t hesitate to take it in and let an expert assess your concerns.

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When is the Best Time for You to Bring Your Car in for Service?

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Many drivers know all too well that they have to bring their car in for maintenance if they want it to run smoothly. Regular auto maintenance keeps your car running like a dream, and it will save you money in the long run. Preventative auto repair, when performed by experienced mechanics, will ensure that you are less likely to be stuck with a major repair bill. But when is the best time for you to bring your car in for repairs?  Continue reading “When is the Best Time for You to Bring Your Car in for Service?” »

How to Find the Right Mechanic for You

We all believe that honesty is the best policy, but what does that mean when it comes to auto repair and maintenance? Everyone has some sort of horror story about a dishonest mechanic, overpriced repairs, and unnecessary service recommendations. These bad eggs give the rest of us in the industry a bad reputation, but not all mechanics will try to cheat you.  Continue reading “How to Find the Right Mechanic for You” »

4 Tips to Save Money on Vehicle Repair

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Just thinking about car repair can send shivers through you; they tend to be expensive and take forever in the shop. You’re going to have to spend money no matter, but that means you should give it over to just any mechanic.  Continue reading “4 Tips to Save Money on Vehicle Repair” »

3 Tips For Finding a Reputable Mechanic

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While honesty is the best policy, how many people actually stick to that motto on a daily basis? When it comes to businesses trying to get the most money, some places aren’t the most honest about their products and services — this includes auto repair and maintenance. Those horror stories about suspicious mechanics charging more than double for simple repairs, or recommending services that are completely unnecessary. Luckily, not all mechanics are dishonest and finding a reputable mechanic is not too hard to find if you know what to look for. Follow these tips to make sure your mechanic is right for your needs. Continue reading “3 Tips For Finding a Reputable Mechanic” »

How to Find an Honest Mechanic

July 7 is Tell the Truth Day, and Performance Truck and Auto wants to celebrate. We all know that honesty is the best policy, but what does that mean in terms of auto repair and maintenance? We’ve all heard horror stories about sketchy mechanics charging an arm and a leg for simple repairs, or recommending services that were completely unnecessary. While those bad eggs may give the automotive repair industry a bad reputation, not all mechanics are dishonest. Finding a reputable mechanic is not only great for your car, but for your peace of mind. Here are some tips to make sure your mechanic is one of the good guys:Shifty Mechanic

Ask Questions

If a mechanic cannot explain why a repair is necessary in plain language–or he or she is not willing too, it’s a good indication that he or she is either dishonest or inept and under-trained. The Internet is full of information about fair prices for repair and maintenance.

A Good Mechanic Is Like a Good Doctor

Having regular check-ups with a good general practitioner for minor health issues can prevent major health issues in the future. Maintenance for your car works much the same way. Replacing a timing belt long before it snaps and the pistons hit the valves prevents disaster for your engine.

Well-Qualified With the Right Tools

Look for things like ASE certification and ASA membership. While those certifications and memberships don’t guarantee that the mechanic is reputable, they do mean that the shop invests in itself. Every shop claims to be the best with the most accurate repair and maintenance services, but mechanics with ASE certification must be trained and tested every five years to keep their certification.

When you do find an honest auto repair shop that won’t give you the run-around, stick with it. Your car will thank you. The ASE-certified experts at Performance Truck and Auto are the real deal. Call us at (334) 245-6600 for all your auto repair and maintenance needs.

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Auto Shops – How to Choose the Best Places for Repair and Service Works in Montgomery, AL

Having access to a reliable auto shop is as important as driving a dependable vehicle. Why? Because it’s the automobile experts from the auto shop you select who will assess and repair your vehicle. With so many auto shops claiming to be the “best” in the business, it can be difficult for drivers to choose the best auto shop for their car repair and servicing needs. At Performance Truck & Automotive Repair, we care about you and have compiled a list of tips to help make the decision process easier.

Tools & Expertise

So, just how can you find the right shop for servicing your vehicle? When it comes to identifying a reliable auto shop, you’ll need to examine the tools that particular auto shop uses. They say you can evaluate a craftsman based on the tools he uses. And as far as auto shops are concerned, the same rules apply. If you find an auto shop that takes good care of its tools, consider giving it a shot.

In addition to this factor, always try taking your vehicle to an auto shop that operates on the type of vehicle you own. For instance, if you want to repair or service a Japanese car, make sure to choose an auto shop that specializes in dealing with Japanese automobiles. Finding the right match is important, because done right, that auto shop will be able to provide you with the best service possible.

Head Online

These days, you can access tons of reviews about different auto shops online. We suggest taking advantage of this wealth of available information, as it is likely to steer you in the right direction. For more information, we suggest visiting auto shop websites. Here, you’ll find detailed information about their services, fees, location, etc.

Word of Mouth

As a rule of thumb, word-of-mouth reviews are  reliable sources when it comes to selecting a service provider, and auto shops are no exception. As you know, word-of-mouth recommendations are always helpful. So, when in doubt, ask your friends and family where they take their vehicles for servicing and repair works.

At Performance Truck & Automotive Repair, we care about our customers and their cars. Ask around. You’ll learn why we’re the right auto shop for you! For more information, visit our site or call (334) 245-6600.

Telltale Signs you Need Tire Replacement

As you make the transition into the cooler months to come, make sure your car doesn’t need tire replacement. Tires play an important part in car safety, especially during rain, sleet, and snow. So, just how can you know when your tires need to replaced? It can be tricky, but Performance Truck & Automotive Repair has all the details you need to know about this issue.

Tire Replacement Indicators

Bulges & Blisters

Some tire replacement indicators can be hard to identify, but an issue affecting the outside appearance of your tires should be easy for you to spot. If you see bulges or blistering on the outside of your tires, you could be on the verge of a dangerous blowout. Not sure how severe your tire damage is? If you are unsure, visit an auto expert as soon as possible and have your vehicle assessed for tire replacement. Chances are, the development of these exterior tire issues will result in the need for tire replacement.

 Sidewall Cracks

The sidewall is an area of the tire that is exceptionally susceptible to blowouts. So, if you see cracks or damage along your sidewalls, have your tires examined immediately. Typically, these sidewall issues act as indicator of an existing leak or a potential blowout. If you can locate the leak and stop it, tire replacement may not be necessary. However, tires that are at risk for a blowout are unsafe for driving and should be replaced immediately.

Tread Indicators

Because it can sometimes be difficult to keep tabs on your tires’ tread, new tires are typically manufactured with visual reminders of your tires’ tread status. Upon purchase, new tires should have no tread bar indicators visible. As tires’ tread wears down, though, bars will begin to appear. Once more than two bars are completely visible, your tread is thinning to the point that your tires will need to be replaced.

Tire Replacement Penny Test

Sadly, older tires lack these convenient red flags for tire replacement. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this issue. If you have a penny, you have your very own tire tread gauge. The way it works is simple. Grab an Abraham Lincoln penny and insert the coin into your tire with Lincoln’s head facing downward. If the head on the coin remains totally visible, it is time to purchase a new set of tires. This tire replacement gauge is so effective that it can be used on new tires, too.

Replacing old tires is important to the safekeeping of your vehicle. If your tires are exhibiting any of these telltale signs, it’s time to replace your car’s tires. For information about tire replacement, contact Performance Truck & Automotive Repair at (334) 245-6600 today.

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