Keep Your Car’s Tires in the Best Shape

airing tires keep your car's tires in the best shape

We tend to neglect our tires because we are more concerned about the aesthetics of our car’s body and interior, as well as more concerned about making sure everything in the engine is working.  However, properly working tires are essential to a well-running vehicle.

Vehicle Tire Maintenance

Don’t Speed Excessively

Excessively speeding and turning sharply can wear down your car tires (and brake pads) much faster than under normal driving conditions. Do not make fast turns or stops more than necessary and be sure to avoid potholes and curbs, these will end up damaging your wheels.

Proper Inflation of Car Tires

After a regular service, your report should tell you whether your tires are wearing quickly or unevenly. Tire wear is caused by several factors, including uneven wheels and under- or over-inflation. Follow the car maker’s suggested tire pressure that is listed in your owner’s manual. Also, make sure your wheels are aligned; if not, your tires will wear away on one side faster than expected.

Stick With the Same Tire Brand

Avoid combining tire types, using different tires on one vehicle can leave the handling features of your vehicle at risk. When you need to replace a tire, be sure to get the exact tire as the rest and replace the tire as soon as possible. When buying a new set of four tires, feel free to switch brands according to pricing, handling, smooth traction, etc.

Enhance Overall Vehicle Performance

Extending the life of your tires will depend on your driving habits, whether you regularly service your car and more. Servicing your vehicle regularly is by far the best thing to do, as well as keeping an eye on the vehicle’s overall performance.

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  1. My wife and I are planning on taking a road trip soon, so we need to make sure our tires are in good shape. I like your point about choosing a brand of tires that are the same as your old ones if you aren’t buying a full set. We’ll keep this in mind so we don’t mismatch tire brands and sizes.

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