Why Won’t Your Car Start?


Eventually it will happen, you turn the key ready to zip out of the driveway in a rush to work but the car won’t start. What the heck is going on?

It’s the Battery

Do you hear anything at all when you attempt to turn the car on? No, then it’s the battery, especially if the weather is cold. If you hear silence or a slight clicking then try turning on the headlights, if they are dim or don’t turn on at all it’s a clear sign the battery connection is poor or just dead.

  • It may just be corroded, try cleaning the battery and reconnect it.
  • Get a jump start. If your lucky and have an extra car in the driveway you can do it yourself, otherwise you might need to call a friend or grab a neighbor to help out.
  • If jumping it works then get the battery tested, you may need to buy a new one.


This could be a no-brainer problem and solution.

  • Were you running on fumes last night? Simple fix — get more gas!
  • Conversely, the engine could be flooded with too much gas.

Other Common Problem Causes

These aren’t the best problems to try a quick DIY fix for. It’s best to find a reliable mechanic.

  • If the engine turns over it could be a broken timing belt.
  • If the car has gotten moist, it could be a broken spark plug wire.
  • Leaky fuel injector or weak pump.
  • A clogged catalytic converter.

There are so many different things that could cause a car to fail to start. In most cases it is the battery and can be easily remedied, for more complex problems seek a professional auto repair service to diagnose your car.

Contact the auto repair experts at Performance Auto Repair today for help diagnose your vehicle’s failure to start.


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