Keep Your Old Car Running Forever

You may consider your older car your baby. After 100,000+ miles, you’ve clearly put a lot of tender love and care into keeping her on the road. Regular maintenance will not only help her run like a champ but can save you money by avoiding costly repairs. Keep your older car in tip-top shape with these tips.

Drive less.

Try to put fewer miles on your vehicle each week. Not only will this save you money on gas, but it will reduce the wear and tear you put on your car, so you can go longer without needing routine maintenance. Consider other forms of transportation once a week, like biking, carpooling and taking the bis.

Be sure you don’t reduce driving too drastically, as your car will need fluids to circulate so its parts don’t end up rusting. Simply reducing the amount you drive your car

Replace your seals.

Seals don’t tend to be something we think about until we notice a problem. Once your downshift, axle or other seals may start leaking transmission fluid or gear lube, which usually means a bigger problem is starting. Losing these fluids could lead to overheating or wear on your car parts. Bad seals can also allow for contaminants to get into your car’s system which could cause remaining fluid to go bad. Replacing the seal before it goes bad will save you hundreds of dollars versus replacing parts and fluids. Have your seals checked regularly to avoid costly repairs.

Change the power steering fluid.

Although this fluid may not seem bad, it contains anti-corrosion and anti-foam additives that start going bad over time. The worse this gets, the more wear you may see. Bad fluid may cause a high-pitched whine coming from your pump.

Change your brake fluid every other year or so.

Break fluid takes in moisture over time, but after so much, it can lead to break-line corrosion.

Clean your fuel injectors.

This will increase your car’s power and fuel economy! As thousands of gallons of fuel are being sprayed through a tiny opening, this opening could start getting dirty and clogged, lowing the spray pattern.

Check for cracks in your engine and transmission mounts.

With thousands of miles of motion, torque, and vibration, these metal mounts could begin to crack or eventually break. Keep an eye on these and replace them at the first sign of damage.

Regular maintenance on your vehicle is extremely important for cars of any age, but as your car gets old and takes on more miles, maintenance becomes crucial. If you notice your car making any new noises, liquid leaks of any kind, or just anything out of the ordinary, bring her into Performance Auto so we can help keep your vehicle running like a champ!

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