Why Your Car Oil Light is On and What to Do

Why Your Car Oil Light is On and What to Do

When the oil light on your vehicle comes on, it could mean many things. Before you spend valuable time trying to diagnose the problem, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough oil in the vehicle in the first place. That’s often the reason why the oil light comes on. You need to top off the oil and then see if the light shuts off.

Other Oil Light Problems

If the oil light doesn’t go off, it could very well be the oil light sensor that’s gotten dirty. When dirt and dust get into the probe, it messes up the on/off switch capability of the light. That’s why it remains on even when there’s plenty of oil in the vehicle. You can simply try to remove the sensor yourself or have your mechanic do it for you. The cost is minimal and the repair takes minutes to do.

When you’re out driving and the oil light goes on at idle, there’s a chance that your oil pump is going out. That’s when it’s crucial to get your vehicle into a mechanic. They’ll check things out and let you know what the issue is. Then you can decide how to handle the oil light problem your vehicle is experiencing.

Oil is an essential to keeping your car in good working order. That’s why it’s important to watch for the oil light to come on and to determine what is causing the problem right away. Then, you’re able to top off the oil, replace the sensor or have a new oil pump put in so you can drive with ease again.

Part of being a vehicle owner is knowing what signs to look for when the systems in your automobile start to fail. The oil light serves as a reminder to make sure that your car, truck, van or SUV has enough oil in it to drive optimally. It also lets you know when there’s a bigger mechanical problem that needs attention.

Got a problem with your oil light? Whether you need your oil changed or there’s a bigger problem going on, Performance Auto Repair can help. Contact us today in Montgomery.


  1. I think it is important to pay attention to the lights in your car. I think it is really helpful when you can solve the problem and get the light turned off. They are there to warn you and keep you from having bigger problems down the road.

  2. I wasn’t aware that the oil light could be an indicator of problems bigger than being out of oil. I’ll pay more attention to that and get it checked out if it goes on. How often should I have oil changes done to make sure I never get to the point where I run out of oil? Thanks for this helpful information!

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