Car Headlight Maintenance Tips

Headlight maintenance is crucial to creating safe driving conditions. Proper maintenance can significantly lower the risk of road mishaps. When your headlights become cloudy they weaken the car’s light beams. Obviously, this hurts your visibility especially when driving at night. Below you will find common headlight faults that you should look out for.

Car Headlight Maintenance Tips

Yellowing/ fogged lenses – A majority of car lenses are made up of polycarbonate material. Long exposure to the sun’s UV rays and external heat oxidizes this material leading to yellow or cloudy lenses. You will need to have the colored layer polished off of the affected lens parts. Strokes should be firm but gentle. Next you should apply a UV resistant protective coat.

Misaligned headlights – Off-road handling and potholes continually dislodge the position of the car’s headlights. These alterations may not be outwardly visible but they can be detected through specialized checkups. This can require regular headlight maintenance to fix and maintain.

Dimming – It is important to replace headlights as soon as they show the first signs of dimming. Replacing an entire set is recommended even if it’s just one light that has faltered. This ensures that there is even illumination.

Crazing – This is where deep cracking occurs on the lens surface. These cracks don’t affect the overall functioning to an extreme but they are a ghastly sight.

Flaking lens surface – Some types of exteriors are more prone to peel and flake after a few years. When headlight maintenance is neglected, this exposes the bulbs to the elements and also the chance physical damage. It’s better to replace the surface early on to avoid the electrical repairs that are sure to follow.

Surface scratches – These can be removed with the combination of coarse and fine grit sandpaper. The coarse grit is used first to trim off any imperfections. Fine grit comes in to sand off any residue and gives a uniform smooth surface.

Condensation and surface breaches – They take a toll on the electric wiring system of the illuminating structure. They have to be fixed on time to minimize the risk of electric system failure. This kind of repair is quite costly.

Benefits of Headlight Maintenance

  • Lowered auto insurance premiums. This perk is enjoyed because of a reduction of the risk level of an accident.
  • An increase in the car resale value is realized. This is always an incentive to keep your car in good condition.
  • Proper functioning headlights are known to be a key factor in sudden-response times during driving. This allows for extra moments of time to make sound judgments and when you need it, every second counts.

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  1. I always seem to have a problem with the yellowing/cloudy lenses. Even on my new car I feel like my headlights diminish quickly because of that.

  2. It’s important to keep these lights updated and clean. You never know when it’s going to save your life.

  3. Great! I honestly never pay attention to this and I bet that’s why I can’t see as well at night with my headlights. Thank you very much for the information!

  4. Thanks for the info! I hate when it’s foggy outside and your headlights are also clouded up with normal wear and tear–it makes seeing THAT much more difficult! I’ll be trying to take care of my headlights later today (before it the biting cold of winter sets in).

  5. That’s a great point you brought up–not fixing your headlight casings can lead to serious electrical repairs down the road! Thank you for the warnings and things to look out for.

  6. Drew, great point, I hadn’t really thought about headlights –lighting in general, really– being a real issue, but electrical problems definitely present more problems than people would think! Thank you for this valuable information!

  7. The headlight industry has went through some major changes in the past 10 years alone. Maintenance is a very important part of any car, and headlights are no exception to the rule.

  8. Thanks for sharing this informational read. It is a essential part of the car care and you have provided vital key factors to maintained it in a better way but in winters its cleaning is very annoying otherwise I always clean before start restoring them. Wash the headlights with soapy water, rinse and dry with a clean towel.

  9. Taking care of your car and car parts is of utmost importance if you want to enhance the the life and increase the efficiency of the vehicle.Be it the headlights or anything else.Thanks for sharing this info with us.

  10. The first safety part is headlight for a vehicle. So to make the drive safe you should take a good care of the headlights, Also you should select the right type of lights that will illuminate the road properly.

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