Car Cleaning: Reaching the Hard to Reach Spots

car cleaning montgomery alCar cleaning is important for the perfect shine, your health and the maintenance of your car. Making sure that you get the dust and debris out of the hard to reach spots can help you to keep the perfect look and feel in every corner of your car. Car cleaning all the in between and hard to reach spots are just as important to keep a glow while you are on the move.


Most that think of car cleaning are thinking about a wash and wax on the outside of the car. You may also think of cleaning the upholstery with a vacuum. While this car cleaning is essential to removing dirt and debris, they are not the only spots that need cared for. The most dirt that gets away and creates problems with the car is in the smaller areas and the nooks and crannies that most overlook with car cleaning.

Dashboard, Vents and Pockets

The dashboard, vents and the pockets in different areas of your cars should be cleaned on a continuous basis. You can use basic glass cleaner for the dashboard and steering wheel area. Special buff products are available for you to use for an added shine. You can get a toothbrush or q-tip for the vents in the car. This removes the dirt that gets inside your car and that can begin to affect the mechanical parts of your vehicle if you don’t use car cleaning.

If you are looking at different options to keep your car like new, then you don’t want to overlook car cleaning. Getting the spots in between with your vehicle and making sure you polish your vehicle to the perfect shine can help you to keep your car shining and like new. More important, the car cleaning will help you to maintain your health while driving and assists with the health of your vehicle.

Along with cleaning, get a car tune up.

Car tune ups can improve the life and health of your vehicle save you from potentially hazardous moments. Performance Truck & Automotive Repair provides auto repairoil changestune upstransmission repair and more!

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  1. Great post! It’s very important to keep your car clean and up to date with maintenance issues. This can help lower your costs and protect you and your car’s safety. Thanks for sharing!

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