Car Cleaning Hacks to Get Your Vehicle Summer-Ready

Many of us have a spring cleaning checklist for our homes, but it’s equally as critical to not forget a place where many of us spend time throughout the day: our car. Giving the interior of your vehicle a thorough cleaning is a great way to reduce a winter’s worth of dirt and grime.

Here are some simple interior car detailing tips that will help keep your ride fresh and clean.

Tip #1: Clean out all the crevices before vacuuming

Vacuuming out the crumbs and dirt before vacuuming is one the quickest ways to make a big cleaning impact. Before you vacuum, brush the floor mats and interior carpet with a small scrub brush. This helps to bring crumbs to the surface, giving your vacuum more to suck up.

Upholstery seams can also use extra attention before vacuuming. Difficult to reach places, like the metal tracks under your seats or the space between your seat and the center console, become a popular place for crumbs, hair, and dirt to live.

Tip #2: Don’t skip the doors

In most cases, dirt and grime collect on car door panels and in cup holders. We suggest using a microfiber cloth and hot soapy water to give your plastic door panels a deep cleaning. To conquer your car’s console and cup holders, wipe down the cup holders with a damp sponge or cloth to remove surface dirt and gunk.

Tip #3: Clean the exterior windows and the interior windows

Fingerprints, handprints, dog slobber, and dirt can quickly build up on the inside of your windows. Spring is the perfect time to give your windows a fresh clean. Using a window squeegee provides a streak-free clean that lets you fully enjoy the sunshine to come.

Being a car owner requires more than just taking care of its interior. For expert auto maintenance and repair, call Performance Auto Repair. With a variety of services and our experienced auto mechanics, we can handle all of your auto repair needs. Our technicians are trained and ASE certified. With us, you can trust that your vehicle is in good hands.

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