Car Cleaning: 4 Surprising Remedies

Between all of the time you spend driving your vehicle and the money you spend on car maintenance,  car cleaning is sometimes the last thing on your agenda. Car cleaning does not have to be difficult or expensive, though, which gives you all the more reason to move it to the top of your to-do list. To your surprise, you may already own some of the best car cleaning products. Pretty awesome, right? After you discover these car cleaning remedies, it’s time to get cleaning!

Car Cleaning Products: Quick & Effective Solutions

Hair Conditioner

Want to give your car that freshly waxed shine? Well, hair conditioner has the same effects on your car’s body as it does on your hair. Applying hair conditioner that has lanolin in it is an easy and affordable way to give your car that freshly washed look and protect it from rain. That’s right, in addition to working as a wax, lanolin also acts as a repellant to rain, helping maintain a long-lasting shine.

Baby Wipes

If your windows are prone to unsightly dog slobber streaks or fingerprints, you will want to keep baby wipes on deck. Baby wipes’ gentle formula is ideal for safely removing dirt and grime from your car’s windows and windshield. It gets better, though. If you make a sticky spill inside of your car, grab a baby wipe and remove the sticky remnants. When it comes to car cleaning, baby wipes are an absolute must.

car cleaningPanty Hose & Windex

What do panty hose and windex have in common? Together, they make for an excellent headlight car cleaning solution. Simply apply windex to the exterior of the headlight and rub in the solution with a pair of panty hose. Frequently doing this will keep your headlights nice and shiny.


Dirty windshields can become even dirtier after a big rain. The easiest way to fix this? Grab a can of cola and carefully disperse it across the surface of your windshield. The bubbles in the soda will break down any built up windshield muck, leaving behind a nice, clean surface. Be warned, though. Left unwashed with water, your windshield can become extremely sticky, ultimately attracting more soot and dust. You should also place a towel or cloth beneath the windshield, so the soda doesn’t damage your hood paint.

Begin Car Cleaning Now!

With these simple household car cleaning remedies, you’ll never have an excuse for a dirty car. In just four steps, your car’s exterior can look like new.

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  1. Who knew that baby wipes could have so many uses! Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are surprising remedies! I’ve heard that you can use Coke to clean any corrosion off of your car battery as well.

  3. These are all fun little tips for car cleaning. I really like the panty hose and windex, odd pairing.

  4. Love these ideas! My dog fogs up the windows all the time, will be adding baby wipes to my car kit for sure.

  5. I never would have guessed that our hair conditioner could double as car wax! I guess this goes to show us how many chemicals are in our daily-use products and we don’t even think twice about it! Great post!

  6. I have heard before that cola cleans lots of items! Never thought about car windows, great tip!

  7. I never would have thought of any of these. Thanks for opening my eyes to better uses for some basic items.

  8. I like the hair conditioner idea, does the super cheap kind work?

  9. Awesome ideas that I have never thought yet. I can’t imagine that we can use baby wipes for safe cleaning and all things are those which we used mostly in our daily needs. Thanks for sharing this informational read.

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