Is Your Car Annoying Other Drivers?


There are a multitude of car and truck trends that go from the simply annoying flashy details like spinners or awful paint jobs to vanity features that are actually dangerous.

Excessive Bumper Stickers

This is one that is more of a small annoyance than anything. One or two stickers supporting your favorite team or your “A Student” is fine but beyond that it is distracting. If you have five of the same stickers supporting a political candidate right next to assorted stickers from various organizations that candidate supports, it’s kind of overkill. This goes for both sides, it doesn’t matter whether the stickers are for pro-NRA or pro-PETA.

Lifted Trucks

A game of chance when it comes to low clearances, but not when it comes to guessing how everyone else on the road feels about your truck. This is a dangerous trend as well. Other drivers can’t see over or around your car so the hazards when changing lanes are higher. Those in smaller cars may have trouble seeing braking because a lifted truck’s brake lights aren’t as near eye level.

Super Bright Headlights

Extremely bright headlights are downright blinding. Yes, most cars actually have awful headlights that would be completely useless on a dark country road but this new lighting trend is shocking to eyes when they round a corner and produce a massive amount of glare. Xenon burn at 4,500 Kelvin and LED lights at 6,000 K which produces bright white light. This compared to the halogen lights in most consumer cars that burn at 3,200 K, making them yellowish.

Whistle Tips and Loud Mufflers

Being unable to fix a broken muffler is frustrating and you know other drivers are annoyed with you. There are lots of people who choose to have modified mufflers to make them loud or add whistler tips to make an even louder and high-pitched noise, leaving some angry drivers in their wake.

If your car has a loud muffler, needs new headlights or any other maintenance, contact the auto repair experts at Performance Auto Repair today for help with your vehicle.


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