How to Get a Broken Key out of a Car Lock

Most modern cars have remote key-less entry, but sometimes your remote’s battery dies, or your car battery dies, and you need to use an actual, “old school” key to enter your car. What do you do if that key breaks off in your door? If the door is locked when the key breaks, it cannot be reopened. Use these tips to remove a broken key from a car lock:Car key inserted into the lock hole

Steps to Remove a Broken Key from a Car Door

1. Remove the Head of the Key

If you didn’t completely break the key head, work it back and forth until it completely breaks off and discard the key head.

2. Align the Lock to Remove the Key

Use your thumb or a small, stiff object to rotate the lock back to the insert position if the lock is rotated away from it.

3. Clear the Lock Area to Remove the Key

Remove any debris from the area.

4. Lubricate the Lock

With a liquid lubricant spray, attack the key at all angles.

5. Use a Lock Removal Tool

Find a lock removal tool at a hardware or automotive parts store. The tool should be narrow enough to slip into the lock, and have a pointed hook — or hooks. Once you’ve found the right tool, gently insert it into the lock. Turn the hook sideways while inserting the tool so it doesn’t catch the key’s teeth during insertion. Jiggle the tool until it’s completely inserted. Once it’s inserted with the hook facing the key, pull the tool back slowly and jiggle if necessary. You may need to re-insert the tool if the hook did not catch the key’s teeth. Once you see the key, remove it with your fingers or with a pair of fine pliers.

6. Properly Dispose of the Key

The broken key pieces can still be used to make a replica if you need to make one, but be mindful of when and where you discard the pieces.

If you’ve tried all the above steps and you still can’t remove a broken key from a lock, call Performance Truck and Auto Repair at (334) 245-6600 today.





  1. I broke my key off in my car lock the other day, and I really need to get it fixed. So I really appreciate you talking about this, and giving me some great insight on how I’d go about removing the key. I’ll definitely get on this right away.

  2. Does this work with house door locks as well? The head of my key is almost completely snapped off and my deadbolt is nowhere near close to opening up. Also, is this something I can do myself or should I call a locksmith? I haven’t found a locksmith yet so I want to have time to research a good one but I don’t want to be stuck out here forever. Maybe I’ll just call one though because clearly I need my lock fixed too.

  3. nice information

  4. Well i consider to use lock picking tools to take out the key but if it doesn’t work then locksmith is the only option.

  5. Locksmiths can also deal with remote less keys so i suggest all to not to visit dealers for such kind of problems.They will overcharge you which locksmith will not.

  6. Thanks a lot for updating the steps that will help in extracting the broken door lock.

  7. This post is good enough to make somebody understand this amazing thing, and I’m sure everyone will appreciate this interesting things.

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