Back-to-School Auto Care

Before you head back to school this year, make sure you are up-to-date on some basic auto care. We know things can get busy, but make sure auto care maintenance is a top priority on your to-do list. Practicing good car care is crucial, because without it, you won’t even be able to get to and from school on your own. In just a few steps, you can complete your back-to-school auto care musts!

Checklist: Auto Care

Auto Care Must #1 – Check the Vitals

Prevent potentially costly repairs by opening the hood of your car and making sure your fluid levels and the engine oil are where they should be. Not sure which fluids to be checked? No worries. Check the important ones, including: coolant, transmission, power steering , and brake fluid. If you are unsure where these fluids need to be, reference your owner’s manual.

Of these fluids, you will want to pay special attention to your coolant levels during warm weather.  A lack of coolant can eventually lead to the overheating of your car’s engine, which will make your car non-functioning. In addition to being certain your car’s coolant stays at the proper level, you will also want to change it periodically. The rule of thumb? Drain old coolant after every 30,000 miles or every couple of years. After draining the old coolant, flush the cooling system and refill it with new, clean coolant.

Auto Care Must #2 – Maintain your Car’s Tires

When it comes to good auto car, you will want to make a habit of checking your tire pressure with a gauge regularly. Follow the suggested pressure given by the manufacturer. Usually this information is located on a sticker in the driver’s door, glove compartment lid, center console, and/or owner’s manual.

Even if your tires are at the proper pressure, they can still pop or deflate. To ensure that you are prepared for these situations, make sure your spare tire is properly inflated and that you have a lug wrench, jumper cables, and jack in the trunk. Doing so will help you during flat-tire situations, saving you the time and money of calling roadside assistance.

Auto Care Must #3 – Check and Replace Brake Pads

Because of the high friction that is experienced between the rotor and brake pads, your brake pads will eventually wear thin. When this happens, it is advisable that you change the pads to avoid damage to your car’s braking system, which could eventually lead to the failure of brakes. To avoid this, check your brake pads from time to time, making sure they are thick enough to drive safety. If they are not, replace them — don’t risk your safety!

Auto Care Must #4 – Check the Lights

Another key safety component of your vehicle is its lights. If your brakes are working but you are not visible to other drivers on the road or can’t see the roadway, you are driving in dangerous conditions. Checking your lights is easy. Have someone inside of your car turn on the headlights, signals, and emergency flashing lights. As they go through the motions, walk around your car and make sure each set of lights is working properly. Check the brake lights to ensure that they are okay, too.

Maintain your Auto Care…Year Round

Once you finish this four-step process, you have completed your back-to-school auto care and you are sure to start the school year off on a good note. Keeping your vehicle in good condition is not just important before you start the school year, though. It is crucial to keep up on your auto care year round.

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