Avoiding Damage From Potholes

Image of water filled pothole with title text avoiding damage from potholes.

Avoid damage to your tires, and entire car, by avoiding potholes. You might think they are no big deal, just drive over them because your car can take it, but repeated abuse from potholes will start to deteriorate your car. Potholes are formed when water gets into the ground and freezes, which results in expansion that shifts the pavement. The combination of thawing water and vehicles repeatedly driving over the spot result in the pavement being pushed down into the hole.

Avoiding Potholes

Most potholes you can see easily and move your vehicle away from, but there are that are hidden by things like ice or water — so beware of puddles. Just drive a bit more cautiously, don’t speed, and pay attention during times when it has rained or after ice/snow have thawed. Also, pay attention to the car in front of you, you might just see them swerve to avoid one or hit it.

Don’t Slam On the Brakes

It’s always best to go over potholes slowly (it’s a myth that you will minimize damage to your vehicle if you speed over one), you should avoid slamming on the brakes right before you hit a pothole. Hitting the brakes quickly will likely cause your vehicle to nosedive as you hit it, which will definitely cause damage to your car. Let off of your brakes right before your tire comes in contact with the hole, this will help your vehicle absorb more of the blow.

If You Hit One, Check For Damage

If you know you’ve hit a pothole, check for damage as soon as possible.  A bent rim or other damage to the tire can happen unbeknownst to you. Observe how your car is driving and if it feels differently, like pulling to one direction or the other directly after, you’ve probably damaged the suspension.

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