Avoid Car Problems On Your Spring Break Road Trip

college kids in a car with text avoid car problems on your spring break road trip

The last thing you want to think about when you’re on vacation is car problems. You want to be wandering around a museum, watching the sunset on a beach, or just walking around a new town with friends or family. Nobody budgets their trip to include car repair cash, not to mention time wasted looking for a mechanic to fix it. We have a checklist of things to test before hitting the asphalt.

Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

1. Tire Inflation

The majority of us don’t pay much attention to our tires until a dash light pops on or we feel our wheel scraping the pavement. Generally, your tires’ tread shouldn’t be too worn, it would be on your last service report if they needed to be replaced. Check the inflation level of each tire with a gauge against the manufacturer recommendation (in your owner’s manual) and make sure they aren’t over- or under-inflated. Check your spare too, and make sure your jack is with it as well.

2. Fluids

Take a peek under the hood and make sure you check every fluid — oil, power steering, brake, transmission and windshield washer fluid. Having to stop by a gas station to wipe away all the splattered bugs is a hassle. While you’re under the hood, make sure the hoses and belts are crack-free and make sure your battery is less than three years old. If you’re due for an oil change, have it done before you leave, and get a new air filter while you’re at it.

3. Brakes

Find a low traffic area, accelerate up to about 50 mph, and then slam the brakes. If you take more than 100 feet to stop or notice noises, get your car to the mechanic.

If you are due for a service in the next month or so, go ahead and have that taken care of. That way, everything gets done at once and you don’t have to worry about finding a mechanic.

Contact the auto repair experts at Performance Auto for more information about keeping your car in the best shape.


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