Auto Repair Resolutions for the New Year

The New Year is a good opportunity for you to start over and to make resolutions. This goes for your car, too! Make a resolution to perform these auto repair tasks to keep your car running well in 2015!

Make These Auto Repair Resolutions Today!

New Year's Resolution

Clean your car. Winter’s salt and sludge build up on your vehicle, which can corrode the materials. Make a resolution to clean your car inside and out regularly to avoid auto repair down the road.

Schedule regular oil changes — and keep your appointments! Regular oil changes are one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle to prevent the need for auto repair later. If you schedule your oil changes and put the dates on a calendar or in your phone, you are much more likely to not let this important auto repair task slip your mind.

Check your brakes and brake pads. Your brake system is one of the most essential systems. In the New Year, make a resolution to pay more attention to the state of your brakes. Are they squeaking? Do they seem to be working differently? Have they been serviced by a professional lately? If you have any doubts about your brakes, resolve to take them into an expert for auto repair immediately.

We Can Help With Auto Repair Today

Our team is ready to help you make 2015 a great year for your vehicle. If you’re ready to resolve to get your vehicle the auto repair tasks it needs to function optimally, our skilled staff is ready to help. The team at Performance Auto can provide the auto repair you need to keep your car on the road.

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  1. Thanks for reminding to check out my brake pads. I have been meaning to do that for a while now. It is just hard to find the time to remember and actually get it done.

  2. Thanks for sharing these resolutions- they are good ones to have. I agree that a good maintenance schedule is good to have, especially if you want your car to last a long time. Plus, regular maintenance could end up helping you avoid an auto accident in the future!

  3. Its really easy for me to remember to change the oil but checking the brakes and brake pads often slips my mind. It would be good for me to pay more attention to that. It will be good to keep that on a regular schedule. Thanks for sharing. Do you have any tips for how often we should check the brakes?

  4. Thanks for the information! I agree, everyone should do what they can to take better care of their cars. It’s helpful to know about repairs that everyone should be sure to do for their car. My car hasn’t been cleaned inside or out for a long time, so it seems like a good idea to get that done since my car probably has a lot of winter salt and sludge build up.

  5. These are all some really excellent ideas for what should be done to take care of your car. I honestly haven’t been in for a repair on my car in a very long time. It would probably be a really good thing for me to get the brakes checked and to get my oil changed. I want to be sure that my car is in great condition! Thanks for sharing more about how to take good care of your car.

  6. These are all really good resolutions to start working on. I may be late in the year, but I would still like to work on all of these. I think that it might be best for me to get my brakes checked, since they have been really squeaky. They have been quite bad recently, so I am a bit concerned that I might need to get some parts replaced. If so, I want to be sure that they are replaced with quality parts so that everything works really well. Thanks for the great post!

  7. when you are getting routine maintenance services your car will run so much better and you will avoid breakdowns and accidents.

  8. Thanks for this post! I’ve definitely neglected my car for long enough. This is a New Year’s resolution I might actually be able to complete. Aside from cleaning inside and out, do you have any suggestions as to things I can do to repair my car? Thanks again!

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