Handy Auto Repair Apps

At Performance Truck & Automotive Repair, we understand how frustrating auto repair can be. What’s worse than needing auto repair? Trying to find an auto repair shop can be difficult and time consuming. We’re all about productivity here, so we searched the app store and found a couple of auto repair gems.

Repair Pal

Before you find yourself amidst a full-fledged auto repair crisis, take a few moments and download the Repair Pal app. This app is free in both the Google Play and Apple stores, so there’s no excuse to not download this tool. Trust us, this app will be a serious game changer the next time your car needs auto repair. The way it works is easy. Simply launch the app, enter your car’s make and model, year, and current auto repair issue.

Once you’ve filled in all of the blanks, begin your search using either your current GPS location or a zip code. This app mulls through local auto shops and dealerships and creates a location-based bid for each result. Along with an estimate of your auto repair fix, you’ll find star ratings and contact information for each result. Repair Pal will save you time and frustration, allowing you to make better auto repair decisions.

Crash Space

Crash Space works similarly to Repair Pal. The main difference? This app focuses exclusively on bodywork. Repairing your car’s bodywork can be very expensive, but thanks to Crash Space, auto repair is more affordable than ever. If you want to avoid the hassle of wheeling and dealing with auto shops, this is the perfect app for you. Once you’ve downloaded this free tool in the Apple store, just provide your body shop auto repair issue and contact information. After the app has finished searching auto shops within a 25-mile radius, you’ll get emails notifying you when you receive bid information. Want to get a really accurate bid? This app enables you to submit photos of you car’s bodywork damage, too.

Auto repair can be time consuming, expensive, and at times, trying. Thankfully, there are some apps out there that can help with all of these issues. So, before you find your car broken down on the side of the road and feel like you are on the verge of a personal breakdown, download these handy auto repair apps. Need reliable and affordable auto repair service? Call Performance Truck & Automotive Repair at (334) 245-6600 today.


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