How to Afford Car Repair When Money Is Tight

Most consumers find that a car repair doesn’t fit their budget. That’s because most car repair projects are unexpected. Everything is fine one day, the next the car starts making alarming sounds. What can you do if you haven’t budgeted for a car repair that needs to happen soon?

Ways to Afford Car Repair

Affordable Car Repair in Montgomery, AL

  • Consider negotiating with your mechanic. You might be uncomfortable at the thought of trying to angle for a better deal, but most car repair jobs are costly enough to make the effort worthwhile. Ask about any available discounts and find out if the repair shop offers some kind of payment plan. A reasonable payment plan spread over a series of months usually makes for a car repair bill that’s much easier to handle.


  • Engaging in some car repair comparison shopping is also a good idea. Unless your hands are tied and you absolutely must use a certain repair shop, spend a little extra time checking out the deals at three or four different shops. Let each one know that you’re checking on pricing with other mechanics. Sometimes this makes the shops compete against each other for your business.


  • It may also be worth considering whether or not you have a friend, family member or neighbor who is good with cars and may be willing to do a little car repair for you. However, be sure that this isn’t a one sided deal. Offer to compensate for their time by providing something they value. Perhaps it’s a service you can perform for them or a gift they’d love to receive. Either way, it should make them a little more willing to help you out of a jam.


  • Raising some extra money is another tried and true way to take care of a car repair bill. By hosting a garage sale or selling unwanted items online through an auction site, you can reduce your home’s clutter and make money to help defray the cost of your car repair.

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