What Affects Your Car’s Gas Mileage?


Gas is expensive and we all want to make our dollar count. So does anything actually affect how many miles to the gallon your car gets, or is it all just a bunch of baloney?

Tire Tread

Cars with less tread, like race car tires or “slicks,” get better gas mileage. However, they are also extremely unsafe because of the lack of grip to the road. Your tread reduces fuel economy, but increases your safety.

How You Drive

According to fueleconomy.gov, Quick acceleration and heavy braking can reduce fuel economy by up to 33% on the highway and 5% around town. Other things that mildly decrease fuel economy is cold weather, short trips and driving over 80 mph.

What You’re Packing

If you are an avid outdoors explorer and tend to have lots of gear in your trunk and strapped to your roof, you’re weighing down your car, so don’t expect premium mileage. Towing trailers and passenger weight over 300 lbs will also decrease furl economy.


Running accessories that use your car’s electricity decreases fuel economy. Blasting the A/C on “Max” all summer may feel great on your skin but it’s going to hurt your wallet. Running the A/C can reduce MPG by about 5%–25% (compared to not using it.)

Make, Model, Year

The older the car is, the worse the mileage. As cars progress their mileage improves. The make and model of your car makes it unique to it’s fuel economy because of all the small variations in material weight, size and aerodynamics.

For the most part, you can’t influence the mileage you are going to get per gallon of gas. Keep the A/C and heat at a reasonable level, travel light and don’t drive over 80 mph (where are you in such a rush to get to anyway?) are the biggest takeaways.

Contact the auto repair experts at Performance Auto for more information about getting the best fuel economy.


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