Adding Fun and Function to Your Pickup

You depend on your truck for everything from home improvement projects to fishing trips. Your truck takes you to and from work every day — and some of you use your pickup for work. A dependable truck can be your lifeblood, and with the right accessories you can take your truck performance to a whole new level, whether it’s fun or functional.

Here’s a list of accessories you need to make your truck more versatile and to make the most of your pickup.Black Four Door Truck

Cover Your Path in Light

Whether you arrive at a campsite after dark or you’re working outside after sundown, rooftop fog lights will help you see what you’re doing, and you can finish what you need to do. Some rooftop fog lights can be controlled with remote control adding extra convenience.

Make Your Bed and Keep It Covered

A bed cover will protect all of your essential gear for your next home improvement job or a trip down to the Gulf. Bed covers are easily installed using a wrench and screwdriver, and also easy to go back to every day use.

Add an Extension

Long loads are no problem when you install a truck bed extender. This handy accessory increases your overall hauling capacity, making for more room when you need it. Many extenders can be stored in the cab when you’re not using them and some of them can adjust to accommodate rooftop hauling.

Help for the Long Haul

When you regularly haul big items like plywood or ladders, a rack is the perfect solution. And when the weekend arrives, you can remove your work gear and carry your play gear like a kayak or a paddle board.

Whatever the task at hand, the right accessories for the job will help you get the most out of your pickup truck. For more information, call the truck accessory experts at Performance Truck and Auto at  (334) 245-6600.



  1. Having a truck is nice, but having a nice truck is great. The accessories make a huge difference not only in looks but in usability. I agree that having great lighting is a must; those lightbars that are in fashion lately are super handy when you’re doing anything at night. Thanks for the post!

  2. I like how you said, “A bed cover will protect all of your essential gear for your next home improvement job or a trip down to the Gulf”. I’m going to get my dad a bed cover for his birthday. He could use it to cover the wood he hauls sometimes. Also, it would help protect the bed from the sun. How much do bed covers cost?

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