7 Car Hacks For the Savvy Car Owner

image of car with bumper damage with text 7 car hacks for the savvy car owner

We’ve all had a moment where we see a cool hack and wonder why we didn’t think of it first. We have some handy car hacks that will not only help you take care of your car but will also make you the talk of the neighborhood! 

Car Hacks Every Owner Should Know

Minty-Fresh Headlights

Did you know toothpaste is good for more than just cleaning your teeth? If your car headlights are looking a little cloudy, spruce them up with some toothpaste and water. Use car wax or furniture polish to keep them looking sharp for the long-term.

Cereal Container Trash Can

Cereal containers with an opening on one side for pouring out cereal also double as a great trashcan when you’re on the go! You can put a plastic bag in to catch garbage or leave it free and clear to empty when you need. Either way, this is a great way to keep your car feeling tidy!

Wet Newspaper Trick

Do you have expired registration stickers or old bumper stickers that you need to peel off? This can be an unpleasant process because of sticky, leftover residue. Try putting damp newspaper over the leftover gunk and wipe away the stickiness after about 15 minutes.

Fix Dents with a Plunger

A small dent on one of your car panels is a problem of the past! Placing a plunger over the dent and pulling back a few times will help pull the panel back in place.

Retrieve a Broken Key

What do you do if your car key breaks off in the lock when you’re trying to get into your car? This is a small crisis, but you have a few options. If the key is sticking out of the lock because it broke off right at the base, a pair of needle nose pliers will help you pull it out! Otherwise, you can purchase a set of removal tools for a key that is snugly in the lock, or jiggle the key free with a very strong magnet!

Pool Noodle Hack

Your garage door might bear the dents of a swinging car door, but you can protect it easily with a pool noodle! Simply cut the noodle in half and stick it to your garage wall on the side and in front of your car to prevent any further door or bumper damage. Your garage walls will thank you!

Fill Window Cracks and Paint Scratches

Nail polish is more than just decorative! It also provides a great way to keep your car looking neat. Put clear nail polish into small dings and cracks in your windshield to protect it and prevent it from growing. If you have a scratch in your paint, find a nail polish that matches your car and carefully fill in the blemish!

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